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To learn more about these early childhood education opportunities please visit the individual program’s websites or contact the program directly.

Ashland Family YMCA's Preschool Program


The Ashland Family Y offers a licensed program located at Helman and Walker Elementary Schools with a curriculum that allows for dramatic and imaginative play, art, movement, science, math and more! Our Preschool promotes active learning that incorporates acceptance and diversity.  

Birdsong Nursery


Birdsong Nursery offers a Waldorf-inspired preschool program four days a week and is open to children 2.5 years old to 5 years old. This program offers small class size and special focus on play, building emotional literacy, relationship building, pre-literacy through verse, and respect for our environment.

Children’s World


Children’s World Montessori offers programs for toddlers and pre-school aged children based on the Montessori philosophy. Specifically, Children’s World offers self-paced learning, in a structured environment, with specific focus on experiences that foster emotional, academic and spiritual growth.

FolkSoul Farm 


FolkSoul Farm combines Waldforf-based curriculum with outdoor experiential learning activities such as gardening, land stewardship, and animal care on our 6 acre farm campus outside Ashland.  We offer education for the whole child in an innovative way that feeds the will, nurtures the heart, and awakens a life-long love of learning for early childhood, kindergarten, and grades 1-6.

Lil’ Rascals


Lil’ Rascals is a private child care and pre-school option offering programs for infants, toddlers and preschoolers. This program provides a variety of activities, experiences, and materials that are developmentally appropriate and focused on building a child’s self-esteem.

Little Earth Keepers


Little Earth Keepers is a Waldorf-inspired preschool/ kindergarten program. This program offers a nature-based education with social and emotional skill building, artistic exploration and cultural enrichment.

Little Gnomes Nature School


Little Gnomes Nature School blends the Waldorf philosophy with a nature immersion environment. This program leverages the learning rich opportunities found in outdoor activities, and time in nature. Classes are held rain or shine throughout the school year.

Olive Tree Preschool and Kinder


Olive Tree Preschool, formerly known as Peace Garden, blends a bilingual, Waldorf-inspired education, with the values of Judaism. Children enjoy both indoor and outdoor creative play, gardening, cooking, art, crafts, and music.  This program is offered Monday through Thursday 9-1p and Friday 9-12p. 

Oregon Child Development Coalition


Oregon Child Development offers comprehensive services, for qualifying families, to infants, toddlers and preschool aged children. Through the suite of programs offered Oregon Child Development Coalition works to help children and their families grow, learn and succeed.  

Pomegranate Preschool for the Arts


Pomegranate Preschool for the Arts is a preschool offered by Ashland’s Temple Emek Shalom. This program is an arts immersion program focused on collaboration, self-expression, and compassion for each other and our surroundings. Music, art, drama and creative writing are offered weekly.

Rain and Shine Preschool


Rain and Shine is a small play-based preschool designed to encourage a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning. Children are encouraged to explore their environment and special attention is given to creating spaces that inspire curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Robin’s Nest


Robin’s Nest offers children a nature based, Waldorf-inspired curriculum including imaginative play, circle games, singing, crafting, and more. This program is offered for children 3 years old to 7 years old.  The mixed age group fosters a family feel with focus on responsibility and compassion for each other.

Sarah’s Family Day Care


Sarah’s Family Day Care offers in home child care. Benefits of in-home care include small class sizes. Details of the care provided, including hours of operation, ages served and any curriculum affiliation are best discussed with the individual proprietor. 

Southern Oregon Head Start


Southern Oregon Head Start works with qualifying children and families to provide early childhood education opportunities from birth to five years-old. SOHS focuses on nurturing relationships between children and parents, with the vision of fostering lifelong learning.

Sunflower Cottage


Sunflower Cottage offers a Waldorf-inspired program, three days a week, Tuesday through Thursday, 9am-1pm. Special attention is given to the rhythm of days, weeks, and seasons within artistic experiences such as imaginative play, and painting, and practical skills like baking, and gardening.

The Learning Lab


The Learning Lab offers an individualized approach to learning through small class size and a curriculum adapted to children’s interests. This program strives to instill a love of learning in an environment that encourages discovery, and relationship building, both with each other, and our environment.

The Secret Garden Preschool


The Secret Garden Preschool offers a Holistic/ Waldorf inspired education program for children two to six years of age. This preschool offers nature-based play, grounded in the work of Rudolf Steiner. Children are actively involved in the learning process through play, and relationship focused activity.

Education Philosophy Resources



The Montessori method was developed by an Italian physician Maria Montessori. Through this philosophy, children are viewed as capable of initiating learning through their inherent curiosity and eagerness for knowledge.  Children are encouraged to independently explore and interact with their environment and learn at their own pace.  



Reggio Emilia

The Reggio Emilia approach centers on the student and strives to build new understanding and knowledge by leveraging a student’s existing knowledge.  Reggio Emilia utilizes a self-guided curriculum and encourages self-directed, experiential learning opportunities. Specifically, this philosophy inspires learning through play, exploration and discovery.




Waldorf education was developed by Rudolf Steiner and is sometimes termed Steiner Education. This philosophy of education adopts a holistic approach to a child’s developmental needs and seeks to develop artistic, practical and intellectual skills. Specific focus is given to nurturing imagination and creativity in students as integral to their developmental needs.




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