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Tue 5/9 7pm Made in America by Wendell Fitzgerald


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Tuesdays 7pm at RVML - 1757 Ashland St.


TUE May 9, 7pm  Made in America: No Justice, No Peace or Anything Else We Need by Wendell Fitzgerald


With turmoil in the political system and banking system, a dearth of affordable housing, and rising inflation making food costs close to prohibitive for human beings, now may be a good time to look at alternative models of economic justice. The 19th Century American political economist, Henry George, is acknowledged as one of the primary inspirations of the Progressive Era. Both capitalist and socialist elites were challenged by his insights and this is the reason very few of us have heard about what he had to say. Nevertheless, his innovative perspective and ideas spread throughout the world and, since then, have been adopted in enough places to prove the validity of many of his suggestions for... READ MORE

TUE May 16, 7pm  “Marketing With Integrity”- Craft your Message and Strategy with Grace & Ease by Lisa Manyon


You’re making your magic (or getting ready to), and now it’s time to market your magic… Marketing is no small task, and there are no “magic bullets." When you are CLEAR about your values, mission, and vision- you can step into your story in a powerful way that connects on a DEEP level. When you CHOOSE your ideal clients instead of chasing not-so-ideal clients- MAGIC happens.

When you shift from focusing on pain points to amplifying PASSION points, you’ll see and feel a BIG impact (so will the people around you- the people you’re truly meant to serve). Two things will never go out of style, your message and your strategy... READ MORE

TUE May 23, 7pm Ashland History Stories of Triumph & Tragedy, Humor & Ghosts by Peter Finke


After thousands of hours of rummaging through old newspapers, internet websites and aging brains, Peter has discovered hundreds of Ashland history stories. Among the stories you will hear this evening: Humor from a 1929 Ashland High School newspaper. How did Ashland peaches get voted best in the country in 1893? Learn about one woman who did more than the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to keep Ashland restaurants and motels busy in the 1940s and 1950s. Meet one of the ghosts of Ashland- by name! Peter Finkle is the author of the premiere blog and website about Ashland: WalkAshland.com. He is a regular contributor to the online Ashland.News, Ashland Living Magazine, and other publications, and also leads Ashland history and art walking tours... READ MORE

TUE May 30, 7pm  The Lost Language of The Feminine by Suzanne Mathis McQueen


Based on her book, “4 Seasons in 4 Weeks”, Suzanne will take attendees on a surprisingly simple, non-technical journey thru the monthly hormonal landscape, revealing an approximate 28-day female body clock. A remarkable navigational system within, this logical and holistic reproductive blueprint can be tapped into throughout a woman’s lifetime for optimal decision-making in health, business, and love—even beyond menopause.

During the presentation, we’ll touch on the colonization of the Feminine culture, politics of the womb, sacred geometry, the four phases of the monthly body clock, why females must align with this powerful rhythm within, and the global importance of balancing the Masculine with the Divine Feminine... READ MORE


More Events This Week at RVML:

WED May 10, 10:30am-11:30am  Restoration Tai Chi with Victor Novick (Weekly)


This class is based on the slow, gentle, and graceful movements of Tai Chi and Chi Gong. The style is called Lineage Tai Chi as taught here in Ashland for many years by Michael Vasquez. The practice is designed to integrate and harmonize muscle systems, restoring as much as possible the basic human design. In this design, individual muscles work with others in a system of movement patterns, and such systems combine with others so that the whole body becomes a unified movement complex. The greater the harmonizing and integrating the greater the flow of life-enhancing Chi energy through the body. Cost: $10/class sliding scale MORE

SAT May 13, 11:00am-12:30pm 

Support Group: “Fearless Grieving” with Christine Hunter-Robertson, MA. CHt.


A grief support group, everyone welcome. Meets bi-weekly on Saturday mornings 11:00am-12:30pm at RVML.

Suggested Donation: $12-$20. Drop-ins welcome.


-A supportive environment to learn about the true nature of grief and mourning. -Dispel myths and misconceptions about grief. -Gain empowerment in the face of shadows and learn how to transform your sorrow and despair. -Learn soul-sustaining techniques for healthy well-being. -Learn how to incorporate ritual and ceremony as important mourning practices... MORE

June 2-4 - Palm Springs/Indian Wells, CA


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