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Mar 7: Your Gut Is Talking, Are You Listening?

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In-Person, 7pm at RVML - 1757 Ashland St.


TUE March 7, 7pm "Your Gut Is Talking, Are You Listening?" Improving Digestive Health with Erin Stone, CHC, CLC


Far too often we are told not to listen to our bodies, and ignore simple symptoms. From the time we were young children, babies; if you fell and hurt ourselves, “You’re okay. Don’t cry. Nothing is wrong with you.” Or how about knowing you weren’t hungry, but you hear, “You’re not leaving this table until you eat all the food on your plate.” Over and over again we were told not to listen to our bodies by our caregivers, by society, and by the diet world. We as a society no longer know how to listen to our bodies. That connection has been cut-off... READ MORE

TUE Mar 14, 7pm  “Cover Your A$$ets”: Protect Your Reputation with Trademarks

By Leah Halpert


Business owners spend significant time and investment building their reputations among their customers and within the community at large. Years of relationship-building and potentially costly marketing campaigns are necessary to develop a booming business whose name, logo, and reputation are recognized in an instant. To become the “go-to” business for your field takes time and money, and is an investment worth protecting. This is where trademarks come in. In this presentation, trademark attorney, Leah Halpert, will clarify what a trademark is and how proper protection will bring significant value to your business... READ MORE

TUE Mar 21, 7pm  "Wake Up Laughing"- Help for Anxiety and Depression with David Munson


Author, radio show host, and podcaster David Munson will speak about his book and podcast titled, “Wake Up Laughing.” The book and podcast exist to offer help for the pandemic of mental health issues in America.


David shares his life experiences as well as those of others to offer ancient and proven lifestyle change solutions to help those suffering from anxiety and or depression. This is handy information for struggling parents as well. Having suffered anxiety and depression from the age of 18 and eventually a total nervous breakdown at the age of 21, I have learned... READ MORE

TUE Mar 28, 7pm "Soul Companion, a Memoir" True Adventures in the Afterlife by Judy Hilyard, RN, MN


[...] Judy was awakened to this work just as she was finishing a 47-year career as a left-brain-focused Intensive Care RN. This is the story of what Judy has experienced and learned as she cares for souls on both sides of the Veil. It is joyful work that is Love-Affirming for all and relieves the fear of death for those still here. This is a book that would be helpful to anyone worried about loved ones who have crossed over, or those who just want connection with dear ones who have died.

It offers comfort to those recovering from constrictive religious beliefs. And it’s a fascinating first-person account of out-of-body experiences, death and dying, and the Afterlife... READ MORE


More Upcoming Events at RVML:

Wed Mar 8, 10:30am-11:30am  Restoration Tai Chi with Victor Novick (Weekly)


This class is based on the slow, gentle, and graceful movements of Tai Chi and Chi Gong. The style is called Lineage Tai Chi as taught here in Ashland for many years by Michael Vasquez. The practice is designed to integrate and harmonize muscle systems, restoring as much as possible the basic human design. In this design, individual muscles work with others in a system of movement patterns, and such systems combine with others so that the whole body becomes a unified movement complex. The greater the harmonizing and integrating the greater the flow of life-enhancing Chi energy through the body... Cost: $10/class sliding scale READ MORE

Video of the Week:

Michael Meade

Inspiring Quote of the Week:


"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."


Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (1929-1968)


American Baptist Minister and Civil Rights Activist

“A Virus Ate My Homework” A High-Schooler’s Experience During Times of Pandemic


The privilege of growing up in a place like Ashland isn’t lost on 18-year-old Lionel Ward. Meet this aspiring professional thespian who shares about his love of theater, inspired by living his whole life in a theater town. Learn about his favorite places and qualities of Ashland, as well as his takeaways from navigating his teenage years while on lockdown… READ MORE


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