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BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon Communication - PLEASE READ !

To Our Valued Business and Referral Partners,
Can you believe it ??  We’re already through most of Q1/23, and we’re off to a GREAT business year with what’s to come in 2023.  As we launch into the new year, it’s worth taking a brief look back on 2022 and share some exciting BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon developments for 2023:
COVID Pandemic Recovery
2022 saw an apparent end to many of the COVID pandemic restrictions that hampered our businesses.  Within the recovery “rebound”, many of you realized a return to business normalcy, and in some cases, even record profits.  Now, in the face of labor shortages that are still crimping our economy, and with warnings of a post-pandemic recession that are worrisome, current economic and employment indicators show that this may not materialize with as heavily of an impact as predicted.  In turn, the ability to retain your skilled workforce should be your primary consideration moving into 2023 that (y)our BBSI team can assist you with. 
BBSI Product/Service Enhancements
Late in 2022, BBSI launched two new programs that have already experienced tremendous success, interest, and benefits with our BBSI business partners – our BBSI Benefits Plan and our new Learning Management System (training) platform known as BBSI-U. Click here to see the flyer. Below are some further details:
* BBSI Benefits Plan: as indicated in the attached MBP flyer, BBSI now offers our PEO business partners a comprehensive employee healthcare benefits package that gives you access to healthcare plans and rates only available to much larger companies – whether you have an existing healthcare program or are considering an employee healthcare program for the first time – all easily managed through (y)our myBBSI payroll portal, including Open Enrollment and healthcare premium remittance directly to your healthcare provider.  (Y)our BBSI team will be reaching out to you soon to provide you with further participation information – an amazing opportunity to provide rich employee benefits and increase your employee retention. 
* BBSI U: Now available, BBSI U (click here) is an online learning management (training) platform offered through (y)our myBBSI portal comprised of over 3700 training courses within four categories – HR and Compliance, Risk and Safety, Leadership, and Professional Skills.  Offered at competitive pricing far below comparable training services and/or programs, BBSI U will provide business owners with training assignment ability to meet your specific business compliance and/or employee skill-building needs to help you develop more productive and successful employees.  Watch for announcements from (y)our BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon HR Consultants to sign up for BBSI U.
BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon Team Structure
Much like your business, employees undergo life changes and decisions that impact their employer choice.  And, like you, when these changes happen within our own BBSI team, we strive to maintain our continuity of expertise and service with whomever serves our client needs.  In turn, starting in late 2022, I announced a Payroll Service enhancement that brought our virtual-based Payroll Service Center (PSC) online for our Southern Oregon branch.  I’m glad to say that this service has been very well-received by our business partners who have had their payroll service cutover to the PSC and has provided greater time leverage for our local Southern Oregon Payroll Specialists to handle specialized client requests/issues.  In addition, in 2023, we’ve re-established several Southern Oregon and Bend team positions that were lost due to COVID pandemic reductions.  So, we’re almost back to team full strength with a few more team additions planned by mid-year.
Our BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon business team line-up for 2023 has EXPANDED with new Business Unit names and continues to lead the region with the BEST of skilled professionals who will serve and guide your business to success:
            Southern Oregon – Siskiyou Business Unit:
                        Business Partner:        Todd Tippin
                        Payroll Specialist:       Gaby Galicia
                        Risk Consultant:         Dan Sweeney
                        HR Consultant:           Scott Richardson
            Southern Oregon – Rogue Business Unit:
                        Business Partner:        Steve Sobhi
                        Payroll Specialist:       Julie Binder
                        Risk Manager:             Roy Harper
                        HR Consultant:           Suz Montemayor
Southern Oregon – Crater Lake Business Unit:
                        Business Partner:        Hope Smith
                        Payroll Specialist:       TBD (Q2)
                        Risk Manager:             TBD
                        HR Consultant:           TBD
Bend - Cascades Business Unit:
                        Business Partner:        Rob Hambleton
                        Payroll Specialist:       Michelle Fish
                        Risk Consultant:         Kent Rice
                        HR Consultant:           Sarah Lindsay
            Business Partner-Training:  Heidi DeRoule
Payroll Service Center (PSC): implemented in Q4/22 - our corporate PSC is now virtually servicing payroll for many of our Southern Oregon business partners.
Payroll Specialists:      Theresa Kern, Patti Koster, and Daphne Phillips
Bus Dev Manager:                 TBD (Q2)
Talent Acquisition Team:
                        Business Partner:        Hope Smith
                        Recruiting Specialist:  Chandra Dorn (Medford)
                        Recruiting Specialist:  Heather Harryman (Grants Pass)
                        Recruiting Specialist:  Candace Victor (Klamath Falls)
                        Recruiting Specialist:  TBD (Q2- Bend)
                        Admn Assistant:         TBD (Q2 - Medford)
Benefits Specialist:     Stephanie Woodward
Very soon, your Business Partner will be reaching out to you to set up time for you to get better acquainted with your business unit team – look for this important communication – it will be a great opportunity for you to interact with YOUR BBSI business team and share your 2023 business priorities.
Also look for further BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon announcements in Q2 – we have some special news and IT developments coming your way !  As always, we’re truly honored to be partnered with you to elevate our entire business community – we look forward to OUR business success in 2023!
All my best,
Joe Rossi
Area Manager
BBSI-Southern and Central Oregon

Office: 541-772-5469
Mobile: 541-941-9892


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