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Jan 24: New, Affordable Solar Solutions

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In-Person, 7pm at RVML - 1757 Ashland St.


TUE Jan 24, 7pm  "Is Solar Power Right for Your Home? The Newest Affordable Solutions"

By Tanya Schmelzle


Learn what all homeowners should ask when considering the addition of solar panels to their home, as well as the benefits of getting solar now.

I am a wife, mother, and office manager. After teaching middle school for 25 years decided to be a partner in supporting the planet by helping others to be educated about the pros and cons of going Solar. There are new developments in solar that people should be aware of. I enjoy talking to people on various topics so that they can better their life... READ MORE

TUE Jan 31, 7pm "The Truth About Human Trafficking- Keeping Safe and Alert

With Lauren Trantham


Human trafficking happens every day in every county and state in America, but what do we really know about it? Do you know who is affected by it, where it happens, and more importantly how it happens? Join accomplished activist and educator Lauren Trantham as she dispels common misconceptions about human trafficking:


– Debunking multiple prominent myths about trafficking – Identification of the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling – Learning ‘the four B’s’ of trafficking and where you fit in – How to identify the signs to keep your communities and families safe – How to take proactive steps to make a difference in the global fight against traffickingLauren is the Founder and Executive Director of Ride My Road, a national anti-human trafficking organization founded in 2016... READ MORE

TUE Feb 7, 7pm "The Urantia Book- A Spiritual, Philosophical & Religious Revelation

By Jim Spencer


The Urantia Book is a spiritual, philosophical, and religious book that originated in Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955. The authorship remains a matter of speculation, considered by many to be “channeled” information.


The book aims to unite religion, science, and philosophy. Its large amount of content on topics of interest to science is unique among documents said to have been received from celestial beings. Among other topics, the book discusses the origin and meaning of life, mankind’s place in the universe,... READ MORE

TUE Feb 14, 7pm  "Divine Love Groups": Experience Love, Appreciation, and Divine Connection by Marion Assenmacher


[...] Benefits of Divine Love meetings: The Divine Love activities all aim at uncovering and emphasizing what is uniquely beautiful, adorable, and potent in us on the soul level. This is a unique opportunity to have a powerful healing and supportive experience around the aspects that matter most to you. Becoming aware of our highest qualities, and how obvious they are to others, helps us overcome any currently perceived obstacles on our path to self-actualization. The experience helps us find and live our meaning in life. It highlights our highest values and contributions we are already making or are ready to give to others... READ MORE


Inspiring Quote of the Week:


"Education is the best friend. An educated person is respected everywhere. Education beats beauty and the youth."


Chanakya (375-283 BCE)

Ancient Indian Polymath, Teacher, Author, Strategist,Economist, Jurist, and Royal Advisor

“A Virus Ate My Homework” A High-Schooler’s Experience During Times of Pandemic


The privilege of growing up in a place like Ashland isn’t lost on 18-year-old Lionel Ward. Meet this aspiring professional thespian who shares about his love of theater, inspired by living his whole life in a theater town. Learn about his favorite places and qualities of Ashland, as well as his takeaways from navigating his teenage years while on lockdown… READ MORE


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Video of the Week:

Marc Strauch

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