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HR Updates from your BBSI HR team- Learn more about Paid Leave Oregon coming in 2023

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Hello from your BBSI Human Resource Consultants!
In addition to working with you each one-on-one, we wanted to bring you some information that may be helpful in your quest to manage employees and stay in compliance with various federal and state-specific rules. Below are a few topics that have been of particular interest during the past several months.
Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your BBSI HR Consultants on any business issues you’re experiencing. We are committed to BBSI’s mission to “deliver expertise and solutions that enable our clients to prosper.” We are here as your business partner.
Paid Leave Oregon- Coming in 2023
Oregon will be rolling out a new benefit to employees that work for Oregon employers in 2023. You may have already heard of it; a law was passed in 2019 and the start has been delayed by two years.  All employers will need to participate in employee deductions starting January 1st and employees will be eligible to take paid leave (upon approval) starting September 1, 2023.
We have been busy doing groundwork to assist you in preparing for this new leave. We will be hosting an information session the following times; please register and attend to learn more.  

  • Friday, September 9th: 9 am to 10 am
  • Tuesday, September 13th: 4 pm to 5 pm

Register here; you can choose a specific date by selecting the orange button.
If you’d like to learn more now, you can click here: https://paidleave.oregon.gov/ or review the attachment we have provided in this email.
Hiring and Retention Bonuses
If you are utilizing these bonuses, you should be aware that you will need to again consider how they affect your compliance with the Oregon Equal Pay Act. Oregon allowed an exemption of these bonuses in pay through September 27th, 2022. Beyond that date, this type of pay is considered in total pay when looking at pay equity with your employees. Contact your HR Consultant to discuss your compensation practices if you plan to provide bonuses that are not tied to allowed reasons under the Equal Pay Act.
COVID leave
We occasionally hear from employers inquiring whether they must provide specific COVID leave to employees that are out of work due to COVID. There are no longer requirements in the US or the state of Oregon (or tax incentives) to provide COVID leave. However, we know many companies have employees still getting sick and whom need to stay out of work. You may voluntarily provide a separate leave for COVID, if you would like, or they can use any available sick leave or vacation time.
Employees Out of State?
Do you plan on hiring employees in new states or have employees that want to move to a new state? BBSI needs to hear from you in advance so we can work with you on the steps it takes to get set up in a new state. We typically need about a month lead time to get your set up in a new state; there may be state tax accounts to set up, worker’s compensation to work out, unemployment set up, etc. Contact your Business Partner to get the ball rolling. You will also need to work with your HR Consultant to ensure your employment practices are compliant with the new state.
Let’s Talk About Your Business- schedule a Deep Dive session with your team
Do you have a lot on your mind when it comes to challenges your business is facing? Consider scheduling what we call a “deep dive” meeting where we learn more about you and where you want to take your business. This builds and strengthens alignment with you and your BBSI team.
With talk about a coming recession, the ongoing staffing challenges, and more; we discuss your current concerns and create an action plan to tackle what BBSI calls the 6 business pillars. The pillars are People, Finance, Culture, Systems & Processes, Product, and Sales Pipeline. Contact your HR Consultant to schedule a session, which can be 2-4 hours depending on your schedule and what you may have to discuss.
Please contact your BBSI HR Consultant Scott Richardson at 541-880-6064 if you have further questions and/or needs for BBSI assistance.
Scott Richardson
Human Resource Consultant
541.772.5469 Office
541.880.6064 Cell
2045 Cardinal Avenue, Suite 100
Medford, OR 97504

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