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Tue. July 26, 7pm "The Non-Local Mind in a Holographic Universe"
With Richard Alan Miller, Ph.D.
Dr. Richard Alan Miller has a long and extensive resume in the fields of Physics, Metaphysics, and Agriculture. Here are just some of the highlights from his very rich and varied resume – from solid-state physics to states of consciousness and much in between…
Prodigious from an early age, two of Richard Miller’s high school science projects were adopted by NASA, including one used in the Mariner 4 mission to determine the amount of water on the planet Mars.
At age 16 he built a linear accelerator and hydrogen bubble chamber for a science fair project and was the first American to demonstrate particles going faster than the speed of light. He’s been involved in research and projects – many at top-secret level – that have formed the basis of several modern-day scientific inventions... READ MORE
Tue. Aug. 2, 7pm "Spirit Guides: Your Best Unseen Friends" With Jill K. Thomas
As a Certified Hypnotherapist, intuitive coach and clairvoyant, Jill K. Thomas guides clients to the core of their most debilitating issues, helping them create personal transformation and lasting joy. Throughout her 18 years of professional experience, Jill has helped thousands of people realize lifestyle and wellness goals they could never before achieve, including losing weight, overcoming phobias, healing toxic relationships, enhancing athletic performance, and attracting prosperity and success.
Come attend this powerful healing event to help you develop a better relationship with your most important unseen friends; your spirit guides... READ MORE
Tue, Aug. 9, 7pm "The Nexus of Science and Spirituality" with Rev. Kimberly Hawkins and Dr. Alan Ackroyd
There has been a revolution in the nature of reality as perceived by physics- from a purely physical, unconnected Universe, to a connected, Conscious Universe. Quantum physicists have discovered events such as downward causation, signal-less communication, and quantum leaps. All these scientific principles seem to correlate with long-held spiritual principles.
In any case, the intersection between science and spirituality is supporting what many faith traditions and spiritual teachers have espoused for eons. We live in an apparent self-aware universe, where everything is connected. Some would posit we are finding God in science. Dr. Alan Ackroyd and Rev. Kimberly Hawkins will explore the evidence of what is called by many different names- Cosmic Consciousness, the Ground of all Being, Divine Intelligence... READ MORE
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