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Bobby Socks - Equamore's Horse of the Month

Equamore Sanctuary's Horse of the Month

BOBBY SOCKS is his name ~ He arrived in May of 2018 with Silver Belle, both horses having been surrendered to the Marion County’s Sheriff Department after a deputy was called to a property where he found them penned with no food and access only to stagnant, dirty water.

Both animals were covered in filth and needing immediate rescue. As is true of most Oregon counties, Marion County has no facilities to house large animals seized or surrendered to law enforcement. Frustrated officials contacted Equamore Sanctuary, which, again, opened its gates to neglected equines. Immediately after finding a safe refuge for the horses, the Sherriff’s Department made the owners an offer they couldn’t refuse: Surrender the horses or face prosecution for animal neglect. Transportation was arranged immediately, and Bobby and his pen mate, Silver Belle, were trailered to Ashland. Bobby was the thinner of the two horses with his feet in desperate need of some care.

For the past four years, Bobby and Belle have lived in the “couple’s barn” at night in side-by-side stalls and are turned out into the “couple’s field” during the day for exercise and bit of grazing. In March of 2021 Bobby sprained a tendon in his right front leg and has not recovered as we hoped he would. The tendon continued to contract, leaving Bobby with severe and irreversible lameness. Horses, donkeys, and mules, however, take such things in stride—pun intended—living in the moment, taking life as it comes without complaint. At 28 years of age, Bobby continues, though haltingly, to walk the walk of life, with a good appetite, a best friend, and an indominable spirit. Equamore is committed to provide him and Silver Belle the care they’ve always deserved for their lifetimes.


Bobby Socks still needs $375 monthly

to be fully sponsored!


Captain: Brenda Savin

Equamore Sanctuary Equine Sponsorship Campaign

     Here is how you can help:

  • Join an already established rescue team with a monthly contribution level that is comfortable for you.
  • Become a “Team Captain” by collectively organizing your friends and relatives to join you in sponsoring one of Equamore’s residents.
  • Pledge $450 monthly to fully support an equine of your choice.

      Call: (541)482-5550 ------- Email: equamore@charter.net

Or click this link to use Pay/Pal and begin sponsoring a Horse or Donkey of your choice now! https://www.equamore.org/equamore-horses/


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