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Celebration 2024 Parade Rules and Regulations

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The following rules are to insure reasonable safety to life and property in the operation of parade floats; automobiles; and similar conveyances within the city limits of Ashland. Please read and fully understand these rules.


If a Parade Entry violates any of these rules and regulations, the Ashland Chamber of Commerce (“ACC”) Board of Directors or its designee reserves the right to refuse a Parade Entry from starting the parade, or to remove a Parade Entry after it has started down the parade route. Furthermore, any such violation may be grounds for denial of a Parade Entry’s or any Parade Entry affiliated organization’s future participation in Ashland Chamber of Commerce events.


1. DOCUMENTATION. All entries will accurately and fully complete a parade entry packet that includes:

a.  A completed application form; 
. The full parade entry fee (including the additional late fee, if applicable).

Incomplete parade entry packets will be returned to applicants with no action taken.

2. PARADE THEME. The Ashland Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors strongly encourages and prioritizes entries whose appearance, content and message address the theme of the parade which is: Go 4th For Kids! “We’re all kids at heart”

Ashland Chamber's 4th of July Mission Statement:

The mission of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce’s4th of July Celebration is to create and operate a long-standing historic Ashland tradition to celebrate our country’s independence, freedom and liberty through this annual event. The Celebration includes the parade, park activities, family activity zone and live music – all being meant for a family-friendly audience and to embrace community building by promoting a welcoming atmosphere for all individuals through encouragement and acceptance of one another without judgment or exclusion as to differences in race, sexual orientation, religion, or political affiliation. This is something we embody with each of our events throughout the year. Each year for the 4th of July Celebration, our Planning Committee selects a unique theme to honor in the Parade and through our Grand Marshal(s). Local Dignitaries and Veterans are also honored. All Participants must adhere to this mission when in our event permit areas. To learn more about the Ashland Chamber of Commerce or the annual 4th of July Celebration, visit ashlandchamber.com.

2024 Parade Theme: Go 4th For Kids! “We’re all kids at heart”:

This theme celebrates the incredible youth in our local communities. There is so much promise for our future with our incredible kids and we are honored and excited to celebrate them this year and encourage an event full of youth themed floats and more.


4. All entries shall stay in their assigned position in the parade and staging area.

5. No unit shall disband until reaching the destination indicated on the permit, except in case of emergency.

6. All participants shall remain with and on their Parade Entry to which they are assigned to the end of the parade route, except in case of emergency.

7. Parade entries that wish to be judged must have designated they wish to be judged on their application, then on the day-of they must be in place and ready to be judged at the time specified.
a. Parade Entry numbers must be displayed in such a manner that they can be seen BEFORE the Parade Entry arrives at the judging stand.

8. A Parade Entry may not exceed 40 feet in length and 13.5 feet in height. All walking entries, other than marching bands, are asked to keep their entries to a maximum of 40 feet in length. Entries will not be allowed to stop and conduct maneuvers of any kind along the parade route. ALL MANEUVERS MUST MOVE IN A STEADY FORWARD MOTION AND IN KEEPING WITH THE PACE OF THE PARADE.

9. Persons riding on floats shall be located on the main part of the float and positioned in such a way so as not to obstruct the vision of the operator.

10. NO THROWING OF ANY ITEMS FROM MOVING VEHICLES. Any Parade Entry wishing to distribute candy MUST have a person walk alongside of the moving vehicle or Parade Entry to hand out such items. The throwing of any object or substance, or spraying of any liquid (INCLUDING WATER), into the crowd is prohibited.

11. FIRE SAFETY AND LAW. Fire codes and state and local laws are to be strictly followed. Violators will be expelled from the parade and are subject to prosecution of applicable laws.

12. There shall be NO SMOKING allowed on any Parade Entry and no person shall cause or permit any open flames upon or within the area of any Parade Entry including open fires, sparklers, torches, matches, flame throwing, fire starters, lanterns, or the burning of any object whatsoever.
a. Materials used in construction, decoration, etc. must be flame retardant. Materials such as straw or hay must likewise be treated.
b. All entries using straw or other combustible materials, including animal-drawn wagons and other non-motorized conveyances shall be equipped with a fire extinguisher with a classification of at least 2A 10BC.
c. Motorized floats, or floats pulled by a motorized vehicle, automobiles, all-terrain vehicles and/or go-carts, shall be equipped with a fire extinguisher as described above. (When vehicle and trailer are connected as a single unit, one extinguisher will meet this requirement). Bicycles, motorcycles, and boats are not required to carry extinguishers.
d. Where a person is within a float, such as a driver, there shall be no combustible material within five feet of their exit way.

13. All entries must comply with the noise level standards set forth in the City of Ashland’s municipal code (9.08.170) which addresses unnecessary noise. Entries may be requested by a parade official to reduce their volume if it is deemed excessive and/or disturbing to the official and/or the parade audience. (www.ashland.or.us - municipal code)

14. The display or discharge of real or facsimile firearms, fireworks or other explosive devices is prohibited, other than official parade color guard, active military and uniformed law enforcement.

15. Drinking, displaying or possessing of alcoholic beverages, or other intoxicants or controlled substances, is absolutely prohibited. City ordinances and state laws will be enforced.

16. VEHICLES. Each operator of a motorized vehicle shall have a current Oregon Operators License permitting the operation of such vehicle.

17. Each motorized vehicle shall have current liability insurance in compliance with Oregon law, with recommended coverage of 100/300,000 liability and 100,000 property damage.

18. Operators of vehicles shall not have their vision obstructed.

19. Every vehicle, whether motorized or non-motorized, shall be equipped with operating brakes in good working order and shall not emit any “Backfire” or ”Explosions” or sparks, flames or combustible gasses.

20. NO squealing tires; burning rubber; visible exhaust; revving engines; loud engine or muffler noise; rapid acceleration; swerving toward side of street; exceeding 5 mph; approaching within ten (10) feet of curb. All wheels of motorized vehicles must stay in contact with the ground at all times - NO WHEELIES!

21. No combination of vehicles coupled together shall consist of more than two (2) vehicles.
a. Vehicles towing trailers must be equipped with a tow bar or coupling device of sufficient strength to hold the weight of the towed vehicle upon the street when operated.
b. Vehicles towing trailers must be equipped with safety chains, connected to the towed and towing vehicle and to the tow bar so as to prevent the tow bar from dropping to the ground in the event the tow bar or coupling device fails.
c. Safety chains shall have no more slack than is necessary to permit proper turning.

22. No one shall be allowed to walk or stand directly behind or between the back of the towing vehicle and the front of the towed trailer.

23. ANIMALS. No animals will be permitted unless under the control of a trainer or experienced handler or rider. All animals must be on a leash, other than horses, which must be reined.
a. No animal shall be permitted to get within ten feet of any spectator or any parade participant other than a participant in the same Parade Entry as the animal.
b. No more than two horses can travel down the parade route side by side in the middle of the street.
c. Participants with animals must provide and carry implements for removing animal waste and must clean up their animal waste immediately, before the following parade participant reaches the waste. For those entries with horses, those entrants will be required to have at least one person per every two horses to clean-up horse manure along the parade route. If a Parade Entry has not met this requirement, they will NOT be allowed down the Parade Route.

24. No animals may be mistreated or hit in any fashion, and no spurs may be used on any horse.

25. BEHAVIOR. Parade Entries and behavior will be appropriate for a FAMILY AUDIENCE and consistent with the ACC Fourth of July Mission and PARADE THEME. Any activity the ACC Board of Directors or its designee reasonably deem is in violation of family appropriate behavior or the following standards can be denied permission of entry or immediately expelled from the parade, including any future Ashland Chamber of Commerce events.

26. Improper use of the American flag is not permitted. Proper use of the American flag is based upon U.S. flag policy set forth in the U.S.  Co d e.

27. A Parade Entry may not display, use or distribute materials containing or depicting nudity, profanity, lewdness, illegal drugs, violence, obscenity, hate, racism, or that is of a vulgar or sexually explicit activity or likely to be traumatic for young children to view.

28. Parade Entries are not permitted to menace, intimidate, harass, disparage or otherwise exhibit hostile and offensive conduct towards any other Parade Entry, person or group of persons that is likely to provoke or stimulate a violent response from those toward whom the conduct is directed, or from those who will likely witness and similarly react to such conduct. Prohibited conduct includes any person participating in any Parade Entry which damages or attempts or threatens to damage any other Parade Entry or harm or attempt or threaten to harm any parade official or person present at the parade.



I, ________________________, by signing below, acknowledge that I am a competent adult. I further acknowledge that in consideration of and as a condition to participating in the activities of the Ashland 4th of July Celebration event (the “Event”), I am releasing the Ashland Chamber of Commerce and the Ashland Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the officers, directors, employees, agents and volunteers together and each of them

individually (altogether the “Parade Organizers”), from any and all claims for damages, injuries or sickness, which may result either directly or

indirectly from those activities in the Event. As part of this acknowledgment above, I or my organization agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Parade Organizers, from any such claims asserted by me or on my behalf or by “My Party” (Any of those persons participating in the Event through authority of my or my organization’s permit issued pursuant to our application to participate the Event.) In addition to the above, I acknowledges

receipt of a copy of the Rules and Regulations applicable to my and My Party’s participation in the Event and I agree to disseminate a copy of said Rules and Regulations to all persons in My Party prior to the start of the Event with the requirement that they honor and adhere to said Rules and Regulations. I further acknowledge and agree that I will release the Parade Organizers, from any and all claims by me or my organization,

and I waive my or my organization’s right to assert any claims against any of the Parade Organizers for any injury, loss, or damage arising from the enforcement of said Rules and Regulations. I further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the Parade Organizers from any and all such claims asserted by or on behalf of myself or my organization, or any persons in My Party. I certify and warrant that I am authorized to sign this waiver,

release and indemnity agreement on behalf of myself or my organization, and, where relevant, on behalf of any minor as their guardian or through direct permission of their guardian.


PERSON / GROUP / ENTRY:_______________________________________________ (Please Print)

BY:________________________________________________________________ (Signature)
DATE: _________________________

False or misleading statements in completion of this application or violation of any of the above rules and regulations may result in applicant’s or entity’s indefinite suspension from permitted entry into any future Ashland Chamber of Commerce event.
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