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Citizen of the Year for 2022: John Stromberg
Presented by Dennis Slattery

The Citizen of the Year for 2022 was given to John Stromberg, Mayor of Ashland 2008-2020 for his outstanding service to the Ashland community.

Beyond the list of things Mayor John Stromberg has accomplished – numbers of academic degrees, high end consulting experience, public servant, philosopher, engager in chief – all of this and so much more…but deeper still, he is about kindness and intelligent caring through to his soul combined with a strong desire to understand and serve this community.
Citizen of the Year generally recognizes an individual who has given of themselves, usually over many years, significant time and dedication to the community that can reach into numerous organizations. The contributions can be of time, talent or resources with the purpose of benefiting the greater community in a philanthropic capacity. Past recipients include The Amigo Club of Ashland (Mina, Kernan & Senor Chala), Marie Lange, Police Chief Tighe O’Meara, Jac Nickels, Allen Drescher, Barbara Allen, Bob Rasmussen among others.

There are many, many things that could be listed – as his fingerprints are all over the heart and soul of this community, and will be forever.  We will look back on his time as historic.  Not for just the Forest resiliency project, the raising of funds, the bunching together collaborative entities to make it happen, but also the sheer will and determination to make it happen…to help keep his community safe.  A three term mayor - an ambassador of Ashland in every way, and in many places.  Always serving to make things better, always with a kind word and consideration of other viewpoints – always pressing for better ground, improving community.  That is what Mayor John Stromberg stands for and delivers. 

Our Citizen of the Year – from a grateful community – Mayor John Stromberg.

Enlightened Leadership is Service, not Position, Donald McGannon – broadcasting industry executive: 

Leadership is not about the role we hold in an organization,
rather it is about the action we choose to take.
It is about how we serve


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