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June 21, 7pm "Tithing: The Magic of Giving" by Kathy Kali
What if you could live a life of purpose, and have unlimited income? That is the benefit of tithing, or conscious giving. Tithing is often talked about as something to support spiritual or charitable work. And it does. But what about the benefits to the individual? They are vast!!! Giving places you directly in the flow of money & energy. And giving helps you align with the teachers, causes, and places that inspire you and help you grow. Author Kathy Kali has given away 10% of her income for 17 years. Kathy has made good income as an artistic entrepreneur, upped her net worth considerably, and experiences money miracles every day as a natural outgrowth of this practice.  
In this inspirational talk she shares tips from her book, Give, Save, Spend; How to Build Wealth & Change the World. Learn how to deepen, upgrade, or start your very own giving practice. Explore the spiritual growth and prosperous benefits of such a practice for yourself.... READ MORE
June 28, 7pm "Secrets of the Spine" with Dr. Luke Schmelzle
In this highly informative talk, Dr. Luke will reveal many little-known facts about the spine and nervous system of the human body. He will outline how to “read the spine” and will lay out a framework for its role in quantum healing. Learn important strategies for liberating the body of trauma, maximizing wellness, and expanding consciousness.
Dr. Luke Schmelzle DC, M.Ed., B.S., is a chiropractor in Ashland, OR. After a career as a school principal for 25 years in various schools across the country, he embarked upon a new career as a doctor of chiropractic, fulfiliing another dream held since high school. While he loved his career in education, working with hundreds of children and families, he felt an unquenchable calling to the healing arts. The time was right for a new path.
While a chiropractic student, he was introduced to Network Spinal Analysis (NSA), or more commonly called Network Spinal (NS), which is a revolutionary chiropractic technique for liberating stored stress energy from the body. He experienced profound changes in his own nervous system, peeling away layers of harmful, accumulated stress energy... READ MORE
July 5, 7pm "Understanding Empaths and Highly Sensitive People by Diana Hartley
I believe that it is critical for empaths and highly sensitive people to understand how to manage their deep emotions and sensitivity today. We are 20% of the population and have been put down for being “too sensitive,” therefore their innate ability to express their truth and feel confident has been suppressed. Many believe they are mentally ill because they have never been educated about their innate brain abilities.
 This presentation will review a questionnaire that highlights many of the common experiences that sensitives face. Often, the uneducated think they are just weird and never know their power. We will review the questionnaire and then discuss ways to handle difficult situations, focus on the power of their extrasensory observational skills, and leave people feeling hopeful that they can finally reveal their true selves with practice and support... READ MORE
Locals Guide Local Spotlight: Marko Bey
“On the Frontlines of Forest Stewardship in Times of Climate Crisis” June 2022
Lomakatsi is a Hopi Indian term meaning ‘life in balance’. Since 1995, the Ashland-based Lomakatsi Restoration Project has successfully implemented diverse and carefully designed restoration projects across thousands of acres of forests. In cooperation with a broad range of partners, their work has set precedents on nationally recognized projects. Here, Executive Director Marko Bey shares about himself and his passion… READ MORE
NOTE: Attend Marko Bey's Lecture at RVML Tuesday, July 19
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