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Cotton - Equamore's Donkey of the Month of November

Equamore Sanctuary's Donkey of the Month

COTTON is his name ~ Cotton and Joey along with two horses, three sheep, two bulls, and one heifer were seized by the Sheriff’s Department in Klamath County, Oregon.

The man who owned them had them turned loose in a big pasture for about two years. He never had the donkey’s feet trimmed and when the pasture was low on feed he did not supplement with any hay. They were just left to starve.

From what the deputy said, the animals rarely had water to drink. After being warned to supply water, food, and a farrier for the animals repeatedly, the deputy obtained a warrant and all the animals were seized and taken to the Klamath Large Animal Shelter. The owner plead guilty to animal neglect, forfeited all of the animals and the Shelter took ownership.

Equamore was contacted shortly after the seizure and asked if it would be possible for Cotton and Joey to join Holly – a jenny that came to Equamore from a similar seizure in Klamath County just a few months earlier.

Cotton, Joey, and Holly live together in the field and shelters with the blind horses – Ella and Wishes plus Ella's best friend, Lady Bird. Their boisterous braying can be heard throughout the neighborhood quite frequently during the day and even sometimes during the night. The sounds they make never cease to put a smile on the faces of those within ear shot.



$200 monthly still needed for Cotton to be fully sponsored!

Equamore Sanctuary Equine Sponsorship Campaign

     Here is how you can help:

  • Join an already established rescue team with a monthly contribution level that is comfortable for you.
  • Become a “Team Captain” by collectively organizing your friends and relatives to join you in sponsoring one of Equamore’s residents.
  • Pledge $450 monthly to fully support an equine of your choice.

      Call: (541)482-5550 ------- Email: equamore@charter.net

Or click this link to use Pay/Pal and begin sponsoring a Horse or Donkey of your choice now! https://www.equamore.org/equamore-horses/

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