Run by Yogis and community members of Ashland, the intention behind The Haven is to exemplify a new kind of Human being that lives a life of virtue, mind-fullness, and heart-fullness in service to humankind. Many of the offerings and products are clothed in white and gold packaging and are reminders of The Golden Age. The Haven is a retail store that holds the golden thread of all faiths and cultures and honors all people in unity and has partnered with families in countries all over the world that hold specialties in their origins of product and services. Each product is specifically crafted to uphold the life of a Divine Human. The spacious layout of the store is simply dazzling. The downstairs of the two story Haven houses Divine Human BioCeuticals, crystal candles, cathedral geodes, museum quality crystal points, sacred art work, generational recipe incense, meditation and transmission pods and Divine jewelry and talismans that protect and enhance one’s living experience. The Alchemy Alcove, will open upstairs and will cater to private parties where groups can come and create their own fragrances, healing potions and all types of TwinRay Treasures. The products, services and offerings are a story for the Divine Human that enhances the focus on extraordinary health, ascension and connection to the Earth and the Universe.
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