"Thanks for doing this. It's certainly critical. ... local news is great, so thanks for doing it."
-Alan DeBoer, former Ashland mayor, former state senator

"I really hope people support this, try it and support it ... a qualified professional corps of people who clearly have no agenda other than to put out good, important information .... All the pieces line up here to have a really promising and important new enterprise
that can help us answer the question, 'Who are we supposed to believe?"'

-Jeff Golden, Oregon state senator

"This is an effort to make sure that our community of Ashland has a solid, dependable, trustworthy, source of news. We may still disagree — we will disagree, I can guarantee that — but if we start from the same place of understanding the situation that we’re confronted with, then we are miles ahead in trying to bring differing views together."
-Pam Marsh, Oregon state representative 

Ashland.news is an independent, nonprofit, community service collecting and distributing locally relevant news and information about Ashland, Oregon, and nearby areas through its website, email, and social media. The service, including reports about city government, schools, business and labor, housing, the environment, sports, arts and entertainment, letters to the editor and viewpoints on local issues, is provided free for all thanks to public donations and sponsor support. Find out more at Ashland.news, where you can also sign up for free newsletters, complete a survey saying what you'd like to see covered, and make one-time or ongoing donations to help sustain this community resource.
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