"My son who is 9 has been very timid about taking off his training wheels. When he saw other kids riding that day he decided didn’t want his wheels on anymore. Less than 12 hours later he rode the course without training wheels. I was shocked. This kid was barely riding the day before and now he is conquering the hills. I very much appreciate the encouragement he received from the volunteers. Thank you all so much for the time and allowing them to believe they can do it."
- Jenny

"My daughter, age 7, recently attended a bike clinic with them and just in one clinic, she overcame her fears and went up some little hills, ramps and balanced riding across a beam on the ground for the first time. After it was over, she rode over to me and said, “Mom! mom! Guess what? I learned something new today! I learned there isn’t anything to be afraid of”. And to top it off, my 7 year old left that night saying that “Hard Core” is now her middle name. She is so confident about biking now and can’t wait for the next clinic or a team for her age, to start riding like her big brother. As a Mom, this is just what I was looking for… a program and people who are good role models and can help encourage and challenge my kids to overcome their fears and become the best people they can be.”
– Kylie
Ashland DEVO inspires wellness in our youth by building grit, resiliency, and camaraderie through Mountain Biking. This is accomplished by creating age-based groups led by coaches who meet for 6 weeks in Spring and Fall sessions. Riders learn bike skills, self sufficiency, and make friends all while enjoying the outdoors and all the trails Ashland has to offer.
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