Orchestra representative for the Rogue Valley Symphony.
I really enjoyed working with Lisa! She truly listened to me and understood exactly where I was in life and where I wanted to be - her thoughts and guidance in getting there were inspired, and she provided an excellent frame for me to do the work of improving my life. Since my first coaching session with Lisa my business and life have had a tremendous boost. The process has allowed me to see deeper into my own dysfunctions and blocks and this in turn has allowed me to release and move past them. I look forward to each session with Lisa to move me closer to my goals. Lisa was my personal coach as I grappled with how to approach a major life transition. Her great listening skills paired with her ability to guide with relevant questions helped give me new perspectives on the upcoming change. I found my sessions with Lisa to be useful, thought-provoking, and positive. Some of the tools we worked with, such as the balance star and core values worksheet, helped me understand better the opportunities that lie ahead and how to integrate them with the person I am today. Thank you Lisa. Lisa has an uncanny ability to listen and to respond with great creativity to the subject at hand. She knows how to work with metaphors and subjects like organization and neatness. Initially, coaching was not what I expected. My previous experience was with a job coach or a coach for a sports team, where they are the expert and are teaching a new skill. However, Lisa explained that she was just there to ask questions and guide me through the process but I was the expert about myself. Lisa helped me focus on my values and my needs in order to move in a new direction when working with people, pursuing goals, and living my life to the fullest. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend her as a coach.

Camino Life Coaching & Consulting is named for the life-changing journey of walking the Camino de Santiago. Because we are visual beings, we use the resonant imagery of tarot cards as well as other traditional and nontraditional resources to support your exploration of values, beliefs, and solutions. We design how we work together to serve your unique journey or challenge. We offer life coaching, workshops, and DISC assessments for personality types and preferred communication styles.

Life Coaching: You are the expert of you. Now more than ever, in our personal and professional lives, our senses are heightened as we navigate fear of sickness, fear for safety, and concern for our loved ones. This awareness may also open us up to possibilities of growth. We each walk our own path, but a coach can walk alongside, helping us realize where we are, where we wish to be, and how to get there.

Workshops: What's underneath your biggest challenge? The recipe for creating an effective team and a successful product is a shared vision + communication+ relationships with a dash of persistence and resilience. Get ready to take a deep dive and emerge with an appreciation of the values, beliefs, and principles that underlie each member's opinions, attitudes, decisions, and actions.

DISC Personality Assessments​: Learn to communicate their way. Whether you are a member of a family or a member of a team, effective communication is key to success. With employees now working remotely, communication is more difficult and more important than ever. Schedule a DISC assessment and be amazed at how much more effective your team becomes just by recognizing and communicating according to the style of each member.

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