Axial's Growth 100 List for Innovation and Brand Building Ingenuity Award for new product innovation and growth in S. Oregon by SOredi Certificate of Appreciation from Maslow Project Rotary Club of Ashland Featured in Women of Distinction Magazine Pitch the Press Finalist at the 2017 Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo

 "I absolutely love this product! My friend introduced me to these and I am so glad she let me try some of hers. They are so much more sanitary than just wrapping my used tampon in toilet paper (now I never even have to touch it!) and I love that they are made with certified compostable biofilm. I definitely try to buy eco friendly products when I can and I'm glad this option is available. Will definitely be a lifetime customer :)"
Customer Review 2017

"This is the best invention since ice cream. No wasted toilet paper. No horrible embarrassing smell when emptying the trash. No unsightly mess. Small boxes to put in every bathroom. Love it!" - Customer Review 2017 "Staff members have comment on what a great idea and asked who came up with it. The Custodial crew have said they notice the disposal containers are cleaner, which also provides a cleaner stall."
Donna Brandibur - Senior Supervisor of CustodialServices at Tucson Airport Authority 

MaskIT is an innovative product that addresses all the challenges associated with the disposal of feminine hygiene items at home and in public restroom environments. It is the only solution that has ever been designed to be placed on the hand, prior to the removal of menstrual items. This provides a glove-like protection for the user. Then, through a simple inversion process, the used items are easily contained and then sealed within a pouch which prevents leaks and blocks odor on a molecular level. Our customers have found that installing the MaskIT disposal system has reduced their consumption of toilet paper, reduced their plumbing issues and has contributed to an overall more sanitary environment in their restrooms.

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