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We grow our hemp organically on our family farm, and then extract its goodness into our body and beauty formulations. We dig the holes, fertilize with manure by hand, incorporate companion planting and permaculture strategies rather than pesticides, use straw mulch instead of plastic, and care for our plants every step of the way, farm to face, to ensure the highest quality, potency, and love in every product. 

Expect to not only see, but feel a difference using Zagórska handmade body and beauty products. Unlike most hemp extracts on the market, ours is created from the whole plant, rather than just the flowers, for a truly full spectrum experience. And since our extract is raw and unrefined, it contains an entourage of all of the terpenes and natural plant chemicals in harmony. In fact, we call our extract ZBD, for Zagórska Bio Dynamic, to reflect its true nature. This makes our products more restorative, especially for those with sensitive skin, or inflammatory issues such as eczema, rosacea, or acne.  

And Zagórska works deeper, supporting a balanced body and spirit while connecting you to nature. You can feel the botanicals, hemp extract, and essential oils promote a renewed spirit as well as beautiful skin. Because Zagórska products are created right here on our beautiful mountain farm, and our love goes into every drop.

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