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"Eye catching photography by a group of talented artists who know their craft and  subject well. Interspersed with history and human interest that brings this picturesque, charming and historic Eden to life. Ashland is a town of many colors and layers with something of interest for everyone and beauty for all." "Ashland, Oregon"

"This book is a work of art (Barbara Tricarico's photographs are  stunning) but at the same time, it is a thoroughly researched, comprehensive history of quilting in Virginia - the authors did a wonderful job - I loved it!"  "Quilts of Virginia: 1607-1899"

"This is a beautiful book, very well researched, that presents the quilts of Virginia along with the history surrounding the quiltmakers." "Quilts of Virginia: 1607-1899"

"This book is balm in a troubled world" "Ashland, Oregon"

"There are photographs in "Ashland, Oregon" that will amaze and astound. There are soothing photographs and humorous ones. Ms. Tricarico has done a terrific job of organizing a vast collection of interesting and appealing shots into a cohesive and well-formatted volume." "Ashland, Oregon"

"In her prologue to her book, "Ashland, Oregon," author Barbara Tricarico acknowledges her "desire to chase my own light" as the inspiration for the various projects in which she has become involved over the years. "Chasing One's Own Light" could easily have served as the subtitle for this amazing book. Clearly, during the course of selecting photographs for inclusion in "Ashland, Oregon," Ms. Tricarico has "chased" a lot of light. There are glorious shots of sunsets, the melancholy lighting of fog-misted streets, sparkling lights that grace mountains, and other light displays that border on the beatific."

There are several ways to examine the dazzling photographs included in this volume. I particularly enjoyed scrutinizing the photographs for clues as to the personalities of the artists. I've never met photographer Graham Lewis but, based on his photograph titled "F-15 Flyover," he seems to have both a delicate touch with his camera and a thoroughly enchanting sense of humor. His photo depicts two F-15 aircraft flying as part of Ashland's celebration of the Fourth of July. What makes the photograph both extraordinary and comical is that Mr. Lewis has captured the aircraft as they seem to be flying directly above a highway sign reading, "Left Turn Yield to Oncoming Traffic." Looking at this photograph, the idea that supersonic aircraft should be governed by earthbound traffic signs seems almost plausible.

Another approach that I took when examining "Ashland, Oregon" was simply to try to identify my favorite photograph in the collection. It's a challenge. After considerable indecision, I settled on "Lightning Storm Over Emigrant Lake," an intriguing shot by Sean Bagshaw. Mr. Bagshaw has captured multiple stands of lightning as they strike a hill near Emigrant Lake. The tones in this photo could variously be described as ominous, mysterious, or simply scary. Yet, I see a hopeful sign in the reflection that the lightning casts on the lake. So dominating are the dark tones in "Lightning Storm" and so awesome are the strands of lightning that one could easily overlook the solitary sparkle of light that appears somewhat inconspicuously close to the lake. To my mind, this photograph provides an apt metaphor for the entire book; there are so many dazzling photographs that one might fail to recognize and fully appreciate the subtle joys contained on each and every page. There is a need to pass through the pages of "Ashland, Oregon" several times to fully realize the beauty that Ms. Tricarico and her fellow photographers have captured.

There are photographs in "Ashland, Oregon" that will amaze and astound. There are soothing photographs and humorous ones. Ms. Tricarico has done a terrific job of organizing a vast collection of interesting and appealing shots into a cohesive and well-formatted volume. Need a gift idea for the holidays or some other occasion? This book may be your answer. It truly is a special delight!"  "Ashland, Oregon"

"What a jewel this is! Before I commend Barb for her photography as well as editing skills let me point out that she harnessed the exceptional photography of Jay and Sue Newman. There were others who excelled, of course, but none as a group like the Newmans. Jay Newman's "Southern Oregon Sunset" reminded me of the exceptional artistry of my old and dear friend Wilson Hurley, whose palette reflected a snapshot of nature - captured on canvas - much like the photographers who grace Barb's exceptional volume of Oregonian photography. Not sure that I can pick one favorite among all the others but suffice to say that I remember most the evenings from Barb and Bill's home overlooking the wonder of God's work in the mountains and valleys of Oregon that some of us have been privileged to occupy in our twilight years. For me, it is in itself a reason for another visit at another time."  "Ashland, Oregon"

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Barbara Tricarico is a photographer and the author of three beautiful coffee table books by Schiffer Publishing: "Oregon" (2020), "Ashland, Oregon Day Trips" (2016), and "Ashland, Oregon" (2013). In addition, she has produced six 5" x 7" regional photography books on the state of Oregon ("Southern Oregon," "The Oregon Coast," Central Oregon," "Eastern Oregon," "Willamette Valley," and "Greater Portland." Barbara also photographed and co-authored the book, "Quilts of Virginia: 1607-1899" (2006). 

Photography has been Barbara's passion for decades. In the 1970s, after receiving her Masters' Degree in Deaf Education at Gallaudet University, she enrolled in every photo course at her local college. She set up a darkroom and concentrated on black and white images, mostly portraits. After retiring to Ashland from the Washington, DC area in 2010, Barbara rekindled her love of photography. She joined the Southern Oregon Photographic Association (SOPA), where she currently serves as President. While Barbara especially loves portraiture and travel photography, she became smitten with the unique landscape of Ashland. She saw the need for a pictorial book on her new town. She enlisted over 50 local photographers to help contribute their best images to her book series, and her own work is included in all 10 of her books.

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