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I have found the Lyoness business model as a way that everyone involved can “win”

Lyoness, basically is buying what you already buy, just doing it differently.

Lyoness is ten years old, in 44 countries and is the world’s largest shopping/buying community with over 1 billion dollars per month in sales worldwide.

Harry and David, Ashland Home Center, El Tapatio,  Alls Well herb shop and Ace Hardware are just some of the local merchants you can get cash back with Lyoness either online or in person.

Lyoness is a rewards card that is free to get, pays its members cash back and reward points for every purchase made, locally and worldwide with Lyoness merchants. Lyoness uses an award winning smart phone app, allowing Lyoness members to find Lyoness merchants.

For merchants, Lyoness creates both new and very loyal customers with the ability to build a secondary source of cash flow for the business or owners by using Lyoness as a customer loyalty program.

Lyoness can provide cash back on both office supplies, food and bills, turning your liabilities into assets. If you like Lyoness and pass the cards out, you get 1/2% of the purchases every time your friends use the card to save money.

This can be a life changing source of passive income that costs nothing to join.

I would love to share how Lyoness can help you, your business or nonprofit organization.

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