Recently, I hired Eric Grace to come over and help clean up around the house. As you may know, this residential cleaning (in an ecologically friendly way) is one of the things he does. He took on the task of cleaning the windows in my house. Not a fun job, especially with as many windows as I have – plus the accumulated dust that comes with 2+ years in the country. Short version? He did an excellent job at a good price, with no supervision. I’d hire him again in a sec.
M.D. in Ashland
Hi Eric
Just wanted to let you know that I am pleased with the quality of your work. You are a kind soul and it is a pleasure to have you around. Thanks also for pointing out things that need attention you may see while you clean such as the rug dye bleeding into the carpet below. You may see things that I miss so I appreciate that. See you next time.
S.A. in Ashland
Dear Eric,
Thank you so much for coming this past week and having the house be so wonderfully clean!
A.C. in Ashland
My experience in working directly with Mr. Grace has shown me he is extremely conscientious regarding completion of work, is in complete communication regarding client expectations and satisfaction with each type of project. Eric is very dedicated, and shows initiative regarding additional work that needed to be done but was not necessarily presented in the original scope of services. My wife is extremely sensitive to perfumes, scents, and sounds, due to a debilitating surgery, and Mr. Grace has been exceptionally aware of her needs (she is homebound) during daily cleaning. Our household utilizes only natural, unscented and dye-free products for laundry and cleaning. It is my pleasure to recommend GraceWorks and Eric Grace for other housekeeping and cleaning projects.
D.F. in Phoenix, OR
At Graceworks Housecleaning Services, we bring ease to your life by making your life simpler, cleaner, and greener!

We offer ecofriendly housecleaning services to Ashland, Oregon and surrounding areas such as Medford, Phoenix, Talent, Eagle Point, and White City. Our mission is to provide the you with affordable, safe, ecological, friendly, and excellent service while making your home look and feel great. We do this without using harmful cleaning chemicals for you, your family, your pets, or the environment.

My name is Eric Grace, owner and operator of Graceworks.  I have taken the time to research the best cleaning supplies on the market so we at Graceworks can use them to make your home feel alive and fresh without leaving a chemical footprint. Your health and the health of the environment is of our utmost concern whether we are caring for your home in a one time cleaning or recurrent ones.

As we take the time to thoroughly clean your space of grease, grime, dust, and dirt, we also clear the space of old, stagnant, or negative energy giving you a fresh space to create and replenish yourself bringing you more pleasure, success, and fulfillment in your life.

We serve homeowners, renters, wellness clinic’s, retreat centers, vacation rentals, and property management companies who are looking  for the eco-friendly and personal touch in caring for their locations.

We charge $30 per hour for one cleaner and $50 for a team of two. We bring our own ecofriendly housecleaning products and supplies. Check out our website at for our specials and discounts!

Call Eric at 541-292-3895 and get a free eco-cleaning consultation for your home today.

Graceworks is a member of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce and has been serving Southern Oregon with green housecleaning since 2008.

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