• “If I feel a flu coming on I take Flew Away… and it helps.” ~ Martha Stewart

• “Natura’s Skin Protect is now a part of my morning beauty routine… my skin has never been healthier & has an added glow to it.” ~ Tai Babilonia

• “I started using Throat & Gland when I could barely swallow my throat was so sore. By noon the next day my throat was barely a scratch and my sinuses eased up.” ~ Julie Gazdag (on Zoey Deschanel’s blog HelloGiggles.com)

• “Wonderful pure products.” ~ Ivy Booth (on our Facebook page)

• Using Vital Adapt through my recent stressful period of loss, I have been able to maintain balance and move through the difficult stages. I love these products.” ~ Anne Petrich Sloper (on our Facebook page)

• “Corydalis is so awesome! My TMJ is so much better. Finally a product that works!” ~ Dinis Bird (on our Facebook page)

• “I started taking your weight management products last week and have had very good reactions and major changes in how I am now eating and working out.” ~ Paul Raines


Natura’s formulations represent the ultimate synergy of botanical and nutritional medicine. By providing the therapeutic and tonifying actions of herbal extracts with essential cellular nutrients, our state-of-the-art formulas support the body’s biochemical processes to encourage optimal health and longevity. Our products are distinguished by their exceptional grade and purity of ingredients. They feature specially selected, extraordinarily potent ingredients which are historically, scientifically and clinically validated.
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