Equamore AwardGuideStar Exchange Seal, demonstrating the non-profit’s commitment to transparency (2012) with a rating of five stars from personal reviews.
Listed in 2011/12 as a Verified Sanctuary by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) as providing humane and responsible care of the animals, as confirmed by an onsite visit.
Black Beauty Banquet (which Equamore helped sponsor) awarded the best nonprofit event in Oregon in 2011 by the Oregon Festival & Events Association.
Pet Smart Charities $25,000 grant award to assist horse owners in buying feed, veterinary care, and hoof trimming so they can keep their horses at home in a difficult economic climate across Oregon as part of the Oregon Hay Bank, a program of the Equamore Foundation. (2010/11)
Listed in 2010, 2011, and 2012 as a qualifying charity with United Way Federal Campaign.
“I have had a chance to observe the Equamore foundation for a few years now, since I board my horse there. I have noticed the rescue horses to be cared for with great attention to their specific needs as well as with kindness. The rescue is very careful about screening potential new homes so that any horse being adopted will not have to endure yet another situation of abuse or neglect. They also keep an eye on any horses adopted out to make sure that the horses are thriving in their new home for years to come. Any horse that makes it into this rescue is only going to be in good hands thereafter. It is a stellar rescue operation, in my opinion.” ---GuideStar Review
I sponsor two Equamore horses- a gentle Arab mare and a wild and fearful quarter horse gelding.  Not only are their different physical needs nicely met at the Sanctuary, each is integrated into their own herd where they get the horse companionship and security they need.  The approach of Equamore staff to each of these horse's special emotional needs that linger from their unhappy histories is different and right for each of them.   I can't imagine these horses anywhere else!     Ruth Kennedy
In 2003 my family was planning to gather for a reunion, and I was asked to help set it up in Jackson County by a cousin that lived in Gold Hill.  As soon as I agreed, he left for Yuma, Arizona for the winter. My search for a park like place safe for toddlers and private enough, led to Eden Farm.  The landscaping there was younger than it is now, and a few portable canopies were needed for shade, but the trees and lawn with the barn, horse pens with horses in several of them, created a setting that was unimaginatively perfect for our family.  The seniors were my parent’s siblings; there were only three of them left of ten. 

The event occurred on July 4th 2004, the family gathered from Idaho, Utah, Arizona, California, Washington, and Oregon.  It started at noon on the 4th and started breaking up at 9:00 p.m.  My aunt Emily’s comment months later, summed up the consensus of opinions, “It was a wonderful reunion, and the setting was almost spiritual.  We should have another one, and soon.”
Weldon Shonk
The Equamore Sanctuary, owned by the Equamore Foundation, is home to scores of neglected, abandoned and abused horses, with no other alternatives for their care. They come from law enforcement seizures and surrenders, from other animal welfare organizations, and from public reports of neglect or abuse. Once accepted into the Sanctuary, Equamore horses live the remainder of their lives under the care of the Foundation’s trained volunteers, never to be sold, leased, rented, or adopted. While most of our horses are stabled at night with daily turnout (whether permitting), others live as natural a herd life as we can provide. Each horse has access to shelter, an individualized care plan, and—most important for a herd animal—contact with other horses in one of our securely fenced pastures.  

Equamore Sanctuary is open to the public during a number of “Open Barn” events and by appointment to those interested in helping achieve the Foundation’s mission. Its beautiful tree-lined lawns are also available for private rental for exhibitions, shows, weddings, parties, concerts, and festivals. Riding and training lessons are also available. Fees for tours and events help to provide individualized care the Foundation provides every Equamore horse.

The Equamore Foundation is an Oregon non-profit celebrating its 25th year in 2016.  It is one of the longest running equine rescue organizations in the country and the only such facility in Southern Oregon.
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