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Our phone rang off the hook after our interview in the LocalsGuide. Those calls led to contracted jobs making it our most cost effective advertising to date; not to mention the intangible name recognition in the community. I highly recommend tapping this local resource to boost business!

Eric Hansen, General Manager
True South Solar

Working with Shields was an extremely collaborative, friendly and fluid experience.  He seemed genuinely interested in strategizing ways to help our business grow and develop new marketing tactics we might not have thought of prior.  We are very glad we chose to run our interview and ad campaign through the LocalsGuide and would recommend any local business to do the same if they want the best, most professional presentation possible.
Lars Faye
Chee Studio
The LocalsGuide is the BEST advertising venue that I have had experience with! The high profile nature of its distribution, and the beautiful quality of the presentation/layout, has produced consistent recognition all over town for my business, and a steady in-flow of new clients, both locals and people visiting. I am often raving to fellow self-employed friends in town that advertising through Locals is a marketing budget well spent!
Karin Kiteley
Infinity Healing Arts
My business is booming because of the article.

Mary Ehlers
Massage Therapist

I have been impressed with the LocalsGuide as a resource for the Rogue Valley community and it has done wonders for my business. After my interview and ad I received over 40 client conversations, calls, and/or inquiries about my business just in the first 3 weeks! Now that's effective advertising! In addition to that, Shields is a great guy to work with:  professional, flexible, and friendly. I give two big thumbs up to LocalsGuide. I encourage every small business owner looking to grow their business to check it out.

Eric Grace
GraceWorks House Cleaning

It was a pleasure working with Shields in the local’s guide. He was very helpful with add design and in helping me to explain my practice to people in community. I was also impressed by the number of people that mentioned seeing my ad and article in the Local’s Guide and I got several new patients has a result.
Dr. Justin Adams

It was a pleasure working with LocalsGuide in formulating our Butte Creek Mill ad and interview. One by one we got results. Our customer count, from Ashland, was measurably increased which was our goal.
Bob Russell

Working with the Locals Guide has been wonderful, and not just because of its positive impact on my business. The Guide is clearly a labor of love for you, Shields, and that makes it feel less like an advertising newspaper and more like the local Town Hall: a place where the many creative and heartfelt efforts made by locals to make Ashland shine are brought into focus and celebrated. Fantastic! Thank you so much for providing our community with such an opportunity.

Greg Jemsek, Narrative Therapist

Shields, the Locals Guide is a publication that really captures the heart and soul of Ashland. The new format is excellent and the content takes us inside the worlds of the people who work and live here. Thanks for your unique vision and the energy you put into keeping it alive and well.”

Dr Peter Nelson, Attention Coach.

I advertised with locals guide a number of times, it never fails, the adds always bring new clients and keep the phones ringing

Wow, no kidding, the front page interview on the December Locals guide really caught the readers eye (It must have been the dog sitting next to me). It not only brought me new clients but some I hadn’t seen in years. Thanks Shields
Working with the Locals Guide, placement for my adds, dealing with Shields during my December interview were both easy and enjoyable but the best part…the results. I’d direct any business that wants to expand their visibility to advertise with the Locals Guide. Thanks Locals Guide.
Kit Crumb
Ashland Fitness Studio

The interview and adds I had in the LocalsGuide produced far more new clients for me than any other advertising than I have ever done. The interviews are a great way for people to get to know about you and the nature of your business in way that print adds alone could never do.
Jeffrey Judkins, DVM
Animalkind Holistic Veterinary Clinic, Jacksonville

Working with Shields was a productive and creative experience. He took great care in helping me hone(focus) in on what I wanted to say about Gyrotonic and Gyrokinesis which is very experiential and not easy to put into words. I have been getting a lot of interest in the form of emails and phone calls. I’ve also been recognized around town and people have told me how much they enjoyed the article and that it was very informative. I had an especially great experience with the locals guide.
Avril Betoushana

Working with the Locals’ Guide has jump started my bodywork practice here in Ashland – I was booked solid for over two months! Since my service is so personalized, I was not just interested in getting business,I wanted to connect with people who were a good match for what I offered. My interview gave readers a real chance to understand the unique way I relate to massage and when they called, they already knew to expect the unexpected. Thanks so much for helping to introduce me and my passion to the Ashland community!
Stephanie Shrum

My experience with the Locals Guide was excellent. They were very easy to work with, very reasonably priced and I got a good response from potential clients. All in all I would recommend advertising with them for anyone who wants to build their business.
Dr. Chris Chlebowski

When the Locals Guide gave us the opportunity to advertise our business relocation to 175 N. Pioneer St. we were enthusiastic about getting the word out on the street.But when we saw the Locals Guide issue, Shields had published a testimonial “Shout Out” on the front page. We received over 30 new inquiries from our ad linked in to our “Shout Out”! Thank you Locals Guide for being a collaborative voice in our great community.
Real Beauty Jude
The Real Beauty Salon

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