Referring to the software, Mario Roederer, Ph.D., NIH, stated, "I’ve never met anyone who, after learning how to use FlowJo, went back to a different program." 
FlowJo, LLC develops and distributes FlowJo, the leading data analysis software for flow cytometry - a technique which allows the simultaneous measurement of many characteristics of individual cells at several thousand cells per second.​ ​Modern flow cytometry originated in the late 1960s in the Herzenberg Laboratory at Stanford University, and as the utility and power of cytometers evolved into the 1990s, the need arose for a more powerful and user-friendly analysis and display program. FlowJo was conceived in the laboratory to address this need and easily analyze flow cytometry data.

Researchers in immunology, pharmacology, medicine, biophysics, oceanography, environmental engineering, and veterinary medicine use FlowJo to analyze flow cytometry data. FlowJo is licensed at dozens of major universities, pharmaceutical​ ​companies, and government agencies and scientific institutions.  FlowJo is provided at no charge to support research for malaria, tuberculosis, and AIDS in dozens of African laboratories. 

FlowJo, a jewel of the Rogue Valley, is a privately held software development company that relocated to Ashland in 2003. Ashland was selected because of the quality of life, sense of community, four seasons, opportunities for cultural activities, and outdoor sports. It is more than the gratifying work of software development, supporting flow cytometry, assisting our customers, and running a successful business that make working at FlowJo so rewarding - 

The company offers thoughtful benefits that support the community such as organic coffee & a CSA farm share. Each month every employee receives a 1 hour massage. Employees are encouraged to bring their dogs to the office; the dogs enjoy the work as well as the daily runs through the woods. 
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