I just wanted to thank the both of you and your school for everything you do. The knowledge I’ve gained from you and the school is absolutely invaluable, and moving here for it was the single best decision I’ve ever made for myself. From the bottom of my heart, I’m forever in debt to you! Thank you sooo much. Christa Czajka (from Alaska) Day Class 2015

My experience at AIM taught me that anything is possible. It was a mind expanding, confidence building, family creating journey. A truly multi-faceted learning adventure in which I will be forever grateful. We knew we were there to learn the art of professional massage, but I'm not sure if we realized how much we would be learning from each other. As individuals we all had a different touch...our own awareness of the body and the energy that it holds... and a unique focus customized to our specific interests. My education at AIM created a structure... a solid foundation that I will build on during my evolution as a massage therapist, and my evolution as a being. AIM for the stars...success is within reach. Sara Glass Night Class 2014-15

Invisible. That is how I felt every day walking through life before I encountered AIM. I was a small vessel carrying a substantial amount of energy and light only to keep it hidden and undiscovered. Upon entering AIM I truly emerged. Both mind, body and spirit became immersed in the idea of creating and giving more of my own light then I could have ever imagined. AIM not only taught me how to heal through massage, but more importantly I learned how to heal myself. My entire being was reshaped and by the time I left my light was no longer hidden. I went from invisible to luminous. Thank you to all the staff for your love, encouragement, and your desire to share passion in its many forms. Amber England Night Class 2013-14

I came, I changed, I cried a lot, I transformed, I rose up, and now I fly. Thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart! Jamie Harris Day Class 2014

Just wanted to thank you so much. I finished my very first massage as a licensed massage therapist and I can’t wipe the smile off my face. Thank you for all your help and  inspiration you have given me to help get here. Moksha Robinson Day Class 2015

For the past 30 years, I have traveled around the country teaching a specialized type of body therapy. I have taught at many of the finest schools in our profession. I am honored to be connected to the Ashland Institute of Massage. Their students, staff, and directors are some of the finest people I know- both professionally and personally. I highly recommend checking out this school for their detailed trainings and continued education programs. Jim Berns, Registered Ortho-Bionomy Advanced Instructor

Having taught CEU classes throughout the country over the last 9 years, I have found the Ashland Institute of Massage graduates to be among the most well educated and skilled massage practitioners I have encountered anywhere.  Particularly in the area of "touch skills", their expertise in contacting the tissues are what I would expect to find of someone with many years experience. George D Sullivan, Certified Advanced Rolfer and Senior Instructor, Advanced-Trainings.com

Welcome to Ashland Institute of Massage, home of superior massage training and massage therapy for over two decades.

The Chrysalis Massage Clinic:

Our professional massage clinic offers highly skilled professional massages at community friendly pricing. Hand-selected therapists from one of Oregon’s finest massage schools are available seven days a week. We believe massage serves as an integral component of health care and stress reduction. Inspired by our desire to give back to our community, the goal of Chrysalis is to make therapeutic and relaxing massage accessible to everyone. 

Chrysalis therapists practice a wide range of modalities. Call our office for guidance if you have special needs you would like addressed. We are happy to help you find the best match for your specific needs.

Our Ashland, Oregon Massage School:

The 650-hour Professional Massage Therapy Training Program at Ashland Institute of Massage is designed to instill massage practitioners with a deep appreciation of the human body, a solid foundation in therapeutic and relaxation techniques, valuable assessment and treatment skills, business fundamentals, and a greatly enhanced understanding of Self. Our massage training graduates enter the workforce as highly prepared and competent massage therapists, ready to secure employment in a wide range of settings,or begin their own private practice.

The small class size and cohort style program are unique to this small private school. It is rare to engage in an educational endeavor that is both as academically challenging and personally transforming as this one. Everyone who enters the program at AIM is valued for their participation within the group, school, and community. 

History of Ashland Institute of Massage

Founded in 1988, Ashland Institute of Massage is one of the premier massage schools in Oregon. Our school has maintained longevity and consistent standards of excellence by keeping current with the trends of the industry. AIM graduates scored at the top of state levels every year during the reign of the Practical Exam by the Oregon Board of Massage Therapists. Our curriculum continues to reflect advancing awareness of the marvels of the human body while keeping a solid foundation of bodywork and interpersonal skills woven throughout.

Meet the Owners & Managers

Bryn McCamley, LMT and Laureen Sutton, LMT have owned Ashland Institute of Massage since 2012. Both graduates of AIM at different intervals as well as long time instructors, they have taken AIM to new levels of competence, integrity, and fun! Their heart-centered approach to each student’s path leads the way for each to achieve success in a fully supportive environment. Bryn and Laureen continue to teach and maintain private practices.

Learn more about our massage school in Ashland, Oregon.

Book massage therapy in Ashland, Oregon at our Chrystalis Massage Clinic.
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