Juice Plus is the only supplement for me. It has helped me to stay healthy when those around me have been ill and contagious. Whole food, fruits and vegetable to help meet the recommended daily allowance. How can you go wrong? Thank you Bunny for your genuine concern for my well-being. Steven Dominguez - Inward Bound Wellness 611 Siskiyou Blvd. Ste.10 Ashland, OR 97520 (541) 488-0108 www.inwardboundwellness.com 

Bunny is really all about nutrition. With Juice Plus, you get 17 fruits and vegetables in a capsule or chewable, and it's a whole-food product as opposed to supplements born from a science lab. I have been taking Juice Plus for 2+ years, and it has done wonders for my family. If you are someone who is suffering from an illness, or if you get sick often, try Juice Plus. It might not cure you, but it will most definitely help you feel better! Amber Cortez, Excalibur Computer Solutions. 541-324-2879, 704 S. Oakdale, Medford, OR 97501. www.excaliburcs.net 

I love Juice Plus, and I really appreciate the time and care Bunny Lewis has taken with me and my questions and concerns. Bunny is a caring and compassionate healer who really loves watching others respond well to good nutrition. Juice Plus is a perfect "nutritional insurance" as even the most careful eaters are hard-pressed to get all they should from diet alone, and I personally really resonate with a whole-foods approach to supplementation as opposed to vitamins and isolated nutrients. If you have questions about nutrition and health, call Bunny now! Chadwick Moyer - Peoples Choice Acupuncture 1640 Siskiyou Blvd. Ashland OR 97520 (541) 482-1060 www.peopleschoiceacupuncture.com 

A retired Nurse Practitioner, Bunny Lewis has spent more than 40 years as nurse. First it was all about the ability to help others in their pain or illness, but in 1996 her focus became all about preventing the illness as well as to decrease pain and improve health status. How does one move from the traditional “fix-it” with medications to an expert in using whole food to let the body heal itself? Experience!! After suffering from fibromyalgia and experiencing multiple medical services, Bunny was introduced to plant powders in a capsule and the wonderful effects of Juice Plus+®.

The many health benefits of Juice Plus+® have been demonstrated through numerous independent clinical research studies conducted in leading hospitals and universities around the world. Bunny started Juice Plus+®because of the research but continued to take it due to her own results. Improved immune function, decreased inflammation and improved cardiovascular health are just a few of the results confirmed in the clinical studies.  For more information go to healthylivingrevolution.com and receive a free digital cookbook. If interested in a jump start program or free product for children, check out the Shred10 and the Healthy Starts for Family. 
To order go to lastingwellness.com.

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