Ashland Home Net is an Internet Service Provider and a full service computing technology provider. Ashland Home Net has teamed with Ashland Fiber Network to offer you high speed Internet connections with the best support and service in Ashland. Ashland Home Net is the only ISP located in Ashland to offer both antivirus and high level spam control on their E-mail servers. Their E-mail server is equal to some of the best in the nation. Ashland Home Net offers free computer analysis and estimate for repairs of your computer. Did your computer get a virus? Your first call should be to Ashland Home Net as they can eradicate the viruses starting from as low as $15.00. Ashland Home Net office is open for all your needs from 9-5 on Monday to Friday and has phone Tech support for our customers 8am-11pm, Monday through Friday, and 9-5 Saturday and Sunday. Remember to contact Ashland Home Net for all your computers needs. You can contact them at 488-9207 or stop by 485 E. Main St., Ste. 1, and say hello. Web address is

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