We are extremely proud of the work we do for our clients each and every day, and it is particularly satisfying when they show us their appreciation.  Here are but a few of the comments provided by our government customers:

"The Oregon Department of Transportation was the first and up until a few months ago the only state agency to use any on-line job application system.  We made the transition from a paper application almost five years ago.

Some of the advantages have included:

  • A more robust and qualified candidate pool.
  • A significantly better representation of our business via a professional front page
  • The cost of entry and subsequent maintenance has been very manageable.
  • Interested and active support from Project A.

I am happy to provide this letter regarding Job Manager"
--Michael Reed, Corporate Services Manager (HR), Oregon Department of Transportation

"I’d like to thank you and the staff at Project A for the business support extended to Soredi!  I try very hard to keep our website current and when I am really in a jam and cannot figure something out, I call Project A. The staff at Project A never lets me down!...I know that my time will be well spent and never wasted with human “spam”! You are appreciated Project A!  Thank you for taking the time to help SOREDI work on behalf of all business!  The SOREDI web site serves as a tool for regional economic growth and is very important to many! I never hesitate to recommend Project A.  Thank you all very much!  You set the pace!"
--Marybeth, Office Manager, Southern Oregon Regional Economic Development, Inc.

"Jim, you lead your business as you do your life.  Your integrity and ethics shine through.  You are innovative and hard working, surrounding yourself with staff that emulate your values.  It has been a pleasure to work with you."
--Ardis Belknap, Human Resource Director, City of Springfield, Oregon

"Job Manager has been instrumental in streamlining much of the application process for Lane County.  We had previously relied on a process that was intensively manual.  The software allowed us to replace many of those manual steps.   Although, due to the complexity of Lane County's hiring process, we did have our share of glitches with the system, Project-A staff was tremendously helpful and responsive to our needs and in finding the solutions to the problems."
--Hector Rios, Human Resources, Lane County, Oregon

"We are very excited to go live with the redesigned Jackson County web site, which was created with the top priority being an informative, useful site for the general public. Project A did a great job for us. They really listened to our requests. Through creative use of the Ad Manager feature in Site-In-a-Box, they helped us achieve the dynamic design we wanted. SIB also allows us to fine-tune site navigation on the fly in response to visitor feedback. End-user response so far has been very positive."
-- Mark Decker, Director of IT Services, Jackson County, Oregon.



"I want you to know how pleased the City of Ashland is with Project A's GIB product. I've received many compliments on the City's new web site and the web posters at the City are happy with how simple it is to post information and use the backend. Because it is so easy, they are more willing to post and do so more frequently. Consequently the site will be more up-to-date, a plus that benefits Ashland citizens. Thanks again to you and your staff and congratulations on developing such an excellent product."
-- Ann Seltzer, Communications and Marketing Director, City of Ashland, Oregon



"Project A has proven to us that they can deliver high quality applications within budget and specified time frames. They have done an excellent job of communicating with our web development team throughout all phases of the project. We have found their products and services to be reasonably priced.

Project A has a strong combination of experience, technical knowledge and customer service skills well-suited for the government market. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any government agency looking to upgrade their Web applications."

-- Charles Doolittle, Chief Information Officer, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado



"Project A's work has exceeded our expectations. Their "Government In A Box" product has all of the power and functionality we were looking for a government Web site. The site they built for us was delivered on time and within budget. The application has proven to be very reliable with few reported problems. Furthermore, the thoughtful, intuitive design makes it very easy for our staff to use in keeping our web site information current. I strongly recommend the services of Project A to any government agency looking to build or upgrade their Web applications."
-- Keith Aeschliman, Special Projects Coordinator, City of Medford, Oregon



"The Project A team has produced everything we could have wanted, on budget and on schedule. We and they have a website to be very proud of! Mercer Island has launched itself into the inevitable future of electronic city service - and we're now actually ahead of the curve!"
-- Rich Conrad, City Manager, City of Mercer Island, Washington



"Many organizations having multiple Web administrators struggle with creating standardized Web pages, training and purchasing expensive development tools. The City of Oxford selected the Project A Web development system that eliminates these issues and allows us to develop Web pages quickly and easily. Using our internal talent, we developed this entire Web site internally."

"We are very pleased with the return on our investment, the new services our Web site now offers and the support we have received from Project A."

-- Michael Ritcher, MIS Director, City of Oxford, Ohio



"Our goals for the new Web site were to make it dynamic, easy for us to manage and easy for our staff to update content.  Since everything is browser-based with no programming required, training was not an issue. The application really empowers our non-technical users. We were able to achieve our goals successfully with Project A's Web site technology, and the solution made good financial sense..."Working with Project A staff was great. Their personalized attention to this project was refreshing, and I look forward to our next project with them."
-- Rod Miller, Manager of Information Technology, Deschutes Public Library System




"Working with Project A has been a pleasure. Our new Website has the functionality we were looking for. It has many of the powerful features found in Websites of much larger cities and is very easy for us to use. This site gives us the ability to always offer fresh and timely information to our citizens.

In addition to a great software application, the service we have received from Project A has been excellent. They respond promptly to our requests and patiently work with us to address our needs. The Website project was completed within the specified budget and timeframe."
-- Kevin Capp, Chief Technology Officer, Town of Castle Rock, Colorado



"Project A has been an excellent partner and an expert in the field of advanced Web development. Our project was done within the expected timeframe and the specified budget. The quality of work either matched or exceeded our expectations. Throughout the project, Project A demonstrated excellent development skills, outstanding communication and first-rate customer support.

Project A has created a content management solution that is so easy to use that it has allowed us to keep our Web site current with very little effort. I am extremely pleased with the work they've produced and I expect to keep working with them in the future. I believe you will have pleasure doing business with them as well. Way to go, Project A!"
-- Greg Mortimer, IT Manager, City of Golden, Colorado



"The AIFF ticketing launched today was the most error free, wonderful, ticketing system ever offered to a film festival. Congratulations Jim and his Team on a great first day. We are very lucky to have such dedication in support of our efforts.
-- Tom Olbrich, Ashland Independent Film Festival



"Project A has been a great community partner as well as a competent and reliable business partner. When we wanted to freshen up our web site, Project A took the design from an outside vendor and made common sense adjustments that made our site easier to navigate and more aesthetically appealing. Our e-commerce was significantly simplified and functioned very well during our season pass sale periods.

They have taken the time to educate me on the functionality of the software that drives the site and are accessible when I have questions or want to add new features. Any computer pilot with intermediate skills can become a company web master. I highly recommend Project A and their team."
-- Rick Saul, Director of Marketing, Mt. Ashland Ski Area



"Kristos here, (former programmer and founding board member for the Ashland Independent Film Festival) with a rampage of gratitude for making my on-line AIFF ticket acquisition a simple pleasure!

I can only imagine the hoops you went though to get the system up and working. Please continue to provide your wonderful level of service to the community. You make an immeasurable impact with everything you so ably do."
-- Kristos, Volunteer Screener, Ashland Independent Film Festival



"Project A has been instrumental in the success of World Wellness Weekend. Their Site-in-a-Box made it easy for us to add and change information as it came into us, giving us ultimate flexibility in our ability to service our exhibitors on our website. They respond quickly and easily to our ever changing requests and we look forward to a continuing relationship with them as our business continues to grow and as our website needs grow with it."
-- Jud Schwartz, Producer, Beach Avenue Productions



"We are absolutely delighted with the website and with the service we have had from Project A. The programmers were able to make changes quickly. With the ease of e-mail, we were able to provide input and ideas and have them implemented quickly. I can't imagine having a better experience than what we've had working with the Project A team. Site-In-A-Box is a product that is easy to use, yet it is very powerful. Thank you!!"
-- Debbie Breckner, Director of Human Resources, Three Rivers School District, Grants Pass, Oregon



"Site in a box is the most user friendly web site tool imaginable. I am comfortable with the basic uses of computers but have always relied on others on my staff for more technical expertise. Site in a box is a product that I was able to use and feel comfortable with. I highly recommend it especially for those users who need a web presence but want to manage it themselves. Site in a box has been a tremendous asset for the Southern Oregon University Football booster program."
-- Jim Zauher, "Friends of Raider Football"



"You guys are way awesome. Please pass kudos along to everyone. Our new site is looking fantastic and was so worth it for us to make the change."
-- Lorrie Hall, President, Rogue Opera



"I just wanted to thank Project A for their help in setting up and designing our new website ahssnow.org. They have done a beautiful job and we love it! We thought we knew what we wanted the site to look like, but we were truly pleasantly surprised to see what they came up with. They listened to what we wanted and delivered a product that was exactly what we desired and met all our needs. I don’t think the name Site-in-a-box does their company justice. I think Satisfaction-in-a-box would be more appropriate! It was first class from start to finish. Thank you so very much to the whole team at Project A!"
-- Mike Schilling, President, AHS Snowboarding Team.


Project A is Southern Oregon’s longest standing developer of custom database applications and proud recipient of the Ashland Chamber of Commerce 1998 Manufacturing Business of the Year Award. Project A is a privately-held corporation whose principal owners are Jim Teece and Dena Matthews. When Jim and Dena relocated Project A to Ashland in 1992, they had only one employee. Today, with seven employees, the company is in the renovated Mavericks Steakhouse on Highway 66. The new facility provides a better work environment, a great place to meet with our clients, and is a hop, skip, and a jump for a fun afternoon of boating at Emigrant Lake!

We have enjoyed the successful relationships that have formed in recent years and now have a full-time staff of highly qualified and motivated individuals with expertise in database programming, ASP development, graphic design, web development, Internet security, and e-commerce.

Project A specializes in creating Internet, Intranet, and Client/Server database solutions for business, government, education, healthcare, and non-profit organization clients. Our goal is to create long-term, strategic relationships with our clients to deliver solutions that work. We do this by taking the time to listen to your complex needs, understand your priorities, and align our resources to produce functional results

As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, we develop groundbreaking business solutions using Microsoft's development tools. These tools, coupled with years of experience and a phenomenal programming team founded a new product called Active Content™ Technology. Active Content is a powerful set of database driven tools that gives your site a fresh web presence saving you time and money.

We combine Active Content with creative web design to develop effective and compelling web sites for our clients. Clients such as Ashland Community Hospital (http://www.ashlandhospital.org/), City of Ashland (http://www.ashland.or.us), and Ashland Chamber of Commerce (http://www.ashlandchamber.com) are just a few of the many clients who have created a successful web presence using Site-in-a-Box and Active Content.

Project A is the kind of workplace that values employee health, well being, and personal and professional growth as key ingredients in its success. It's a workplace that respects individuals and encourages creativity, quality, and innovation. We believe that if you treat employees as if they make a difference to the company, they will make a difference to the company.

Project A is located at 5350 Hwy. 66 in Ashland. For more information about our company, please call us at (541) 488-1702, or check out our Web site at http://www.projecta.com.

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