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Register Now for two important workshops on retail trends
October 17, 2017

Barbara Wold is an internationally known speaker and authority to the retail, consumer, tourism and hospitality industries. More than 40 years of firsthand experience in executive and sales management, marketing and repositioning have made Ms Wold a sought after speaker.

Barbara is an authority on building business through customer driven strategy and maximizing human assets.

Her areas of expertise include customer experience, marketing strategy, consumer buying patterns, building business relationships, image, sales and service quality, redevelopment and tourism, which truly make Wold a master.

Workshop One:  
How to Survive in an Amazon World -
8am- 9:45am

Thereʼs no way around it—the past year has been rough for retail. Itʼs about a little company in Seattle called Amazon, which is steadily eating the world of retail. And when I say eating, I mean in one bite.

What does the future hold for retailers large and small? The tea leaves point to three major developments.
  • Changing demographics are a key driver here
  • Enhanced retail experiences and the journey
  • Understanding, and designing to support the customersʼ behavior
What do you do when facing a vastly stronger competitor? You team up. Alliances grow among business that are like-minded, but not competitive.

Whatʼs next -- retailers will need to continue to adapt their playbooks, because Amazon
and the changes it has created are here to stay.

Workshop Two:
Meet the Millennials- the Customers to Change it all -
10am- 11:45am

To sell to any audience, you have to understand it. Discovering how its members think, act, and purchase is only the first step to finding new opportunities to engage with them.

This is especially true of the Millennial generation, the newest target audience for many brands. As their purchasing power increases and the Millennials continue to drive consumer demand, itʼs necessary to reevaluate this generation and develop strategies for engaging them.
  • Basic statistics about Millennials
  • Understanding Millennials and their social behaviors
  • Why Millennials rely on each other through technology
  • How to cater to the Millennials consumer profile
  • How different are the ideas going on in Millennial minds
This group will challenge, expect more, and desire a better idea for how to live: Ignoring them may well lead to the demise of your brand. This generation is just realizing its purchasing power; as another decade passes, the brands they have built relationships with today will be the ones they are loyal to tomorrow.

Including: A focus on defining your customer, setting desired expectations and the journey given their age group. How to sell to each customer demographic and age segment. Strategies when you know who your customer is but they arenʼt buying. Stand in your customerʼs shoes … theyʼll tell you all you need to know.


One workshop:
-Chamber Member- $40
-Non- Chamber Member- $60
Both Workshops:
-Chamber Member- $60
-Non-Chamber member- $80
Workshops held in the Crystal Ballroom of the Ashland Springs Hotel
212 E. Main St.

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