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Mission: To be a champion of science—inspiring curiosity, wonder, and exploration through engaging and interactive experiences.
June Newsletter - In this issue:
New Hours, Summer Programs, Member News, Store Spotlight, Visitor Survey, July Preview

NOW OPEN DAILY 11 am to 6 pm

Beat the heat and smoke all summer long with these great programs at ScienceWorks.  
  • Wild Music concert series every first Saturday in summer! The Wild Music exhibit just got wilder! If you haven't been to the"must see, must hear, must do" exhibit of the summer, now is the pitch perfect time to check it out! Prepare to dance!
  • Summer Camps touted as "the best camps of the Rogue Valley."  Register campers
  • First Sundays of each month are always a reduced $3 admission, and SNAP benefit cardholders always receive that rate!
  • Dog Days Bring your dog to ScienceWorks! On the second Sunday of each summer month from 4 to 6 pm, patrons can bring their well-socialized dogs to ScienceWorks. ScienceWorks Wonder Guides will facilitate science fun for furry friends of all kinds and their people too! June 9th, July 14th, and August 11th.
  • ScienceLive Shows Every Saturday and Sunday from 11:30-12:00 & 3:30-4:00 in the theater.
Member Corner - Going out of town this summer?  Don't forget to bring your ScienceWorks Membership card with you for free/reduced admission to participating Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC). The ASTC Passport program is just one of the amazing perks of ScienceWorks Membership. Not a member? Become one today and enjoy this awesome benefit. 
Click here to become a member
Spotlight Camp: Zombie Camp! 
In this immersive "choose your own adventure" scenario, campers will take on the roles of scientists to investigate and, hopefully find a cure for, the mysterious (make-believe) disease the news media outlets call "The Zombie Flu!" The experience begins on June 24-28 at McLaughlin Middle School in Medford. For more details click below:
Click here for Zombie Camp Info
ScienceLive Shows
See science that fizzes, freezes, and pops in a ScienceLive show! Our ScienceLive demonstrators will lead you through exciting presentations that explore chemistry, physics, life science, and more.  These 20 to 30-minute long interactive performances give selected audience members a chance to help make real science happen on stage. Think like a scientist and discover phenomena twice a day on weekends all summer! Showtimes: Saturday and Sunday at 11:30-12:00 and 3:30-4:00. Great for all ages!
Dog Days at ScienceWorks
Bring your dog to ScienceWorks! On the second Sunday of each summer month, from 4 to 6, patrons can bring a well-socialized dog to ScienceWorks. Admission for dogs is only $2 accompanying one full-price human companion. ScienceWorks Wonder Guides will facilitate science fun for furry friends of all kinds, and their people too! We will provide some non-allergenic treats and watering stations, you provide the dog.  Look forward to some zany science facts about human’s best friend while creating dog puzzles and testing your dogs intelligence.

Rules for Dog Days 

  • Dogs must be licensed, vaccinated, spayed or neutered
  • Puppies must be at least four months old
  • Leash required at all times, even in the field
  • Limit of one dog per adult handler
  • Do not allow dogs to pester or mount other dogs
  • Dogs displaying aggression toward people or other dogs must be removed from the museum
  • Clean up after your dog and yourself
  • Personal dog toys should stay at home
Volunteer this summer as a ScienceWorks Wonder Guide!
We need you! Volunteering at ScienceWorks is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. Just ask one of our many volunteers who have been with us from the day the doors opened! Psst... The real secret is that it's just plain fun!

Click here to volunteer
Store Spotlight: The Thundermaker 
This small tube and metal coil make an incredible rumble! The vibrating spring transfers its mechanical energy to the membrane, which transfers the energy into the tube in the form of sound. The length of the tube is just the right length to create standing waves and resonance. As a result of this, the vibrating spring efficiently converts its energy into sound by way of the membrane. This results in the loud thunder sound! You can purchase this and a multitude of other noise makers in the Explore Store.

Fill out this Wild Music survey for the chance to win a Thundermaker! 
Be a part of science in the making by filling out this survey about the exhibit Wild Music! ScienceWorks educators use surveys like this one to learn about the people who come to ScienceWorks and what they learn by being here. When you fill out a survey like this one, your information helps ScienceWorks researchers do real science!
Take our survey!
Coming up in July:  
7/4 : Fourth of July parade - watch for the ScienceWorks Float. 
7/6: Caballito Negro plays "songbirdsongs" on the plaza, free with admission. Members are always free!
7/20: “Apollo 50: Small Steps to a Giant Leap” exhibit opens!
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