Travel Essentials at 25 Congratulations!


25 Years of Fun and Adventure at Travel Essentials

When Bob and I rolled into Ashland, Oregon in our orange Volkswagen bus 25 years ago, at the end of a five month long honeymoon odyssey around the United States, it would be pretty safe to say that we didn’t think we’d soon move to Ashland and open up a retail travel store. In fact, it would be pretty safe to say that Bob and I had no idea what we might do in the future. We didn’t have jobs, didn’t have a place to call our own (outside of the awesome camper van), and hadn’t really thought much past our honeymoon. Oh youth, I miss you. We did know that we didn’t want to live in the crowded San Francisco Bay Area, and didn’t want to work for “the man.” With no market research, and..... > Read More

Check in for Your Flight from this Barbados Beach

There She is, Your Ideal, The Dream of a Million Girls
Nearly 30,000 beauties were expected to compete in a Saudi Arabian beauty pageant last month. They were to be judged in categories that included: the size of their eyes, the length of their necks, the size of their head, leg length, whether their lips cover their teeth, and the size of their hump. You’ve probably figured out by now that this isn’t your typical Miss America Pageant. Rather, this is a Camel Pageant, and the grand prize is worth about $70 million in US dollars, to the owner of the winning camel. During the annual King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, camels also take part in races to determine who is the fastest. It’s serious business, this camel pageant. Last year 12 camels were disqualified for having been injected with botox to improve their looks. I kid you not.

Red Light District Tours Banned in Amsterdam

On our trip to Amsterdam last winter, Bob and I walked on more than one occasion through its “notorious” Red Light District. It’s so notorious that the first time, I didn’t even realize we’d entered it until we walked past a glass door lit up with red lights. I’ll admit, I still didn’t get it. Until we walked by a second door lit the same way. Then I clued in to what was going on. Quick on the uptake, eh? Amsterdam is proud of its liberal attitude towards prostitution and soft drugs. Marijuana shops and prostitution legally take place right in the historic downtown area, with no shame or disgrace.... > Read More

Don't Let Your TSA Precheck Expire!

I am a busy woman, okay? I’ve got books piled up on my nightstand, waiting to be read. I’ve got a stack of New Yorker magazines gathering dust on the living room end table. There are recipes I want to try, hikes I want to take, and then there’s that pesky job waiting for me too. I tell you all this to offer up an excuse for why I didn’t realize until last Friday that my five year Global Entry membership expires in three weeks. Whoops. I do vaguely remember getting an email about this some time ago, and I’m sure I told myself that there was plenty of time to renew.... > Read More


Leak Proof Travel Liquids Pouch–Carry on Approved!

Make your journey through airport security a snap with the TSA approved Carry-On Liquids Bag from Cocoon. This rugged, leak-proof polyurethane case is held together with tough, welded seams, and its water-repellant zipper helps to keep spills and leaks under control. It’s also see-through, roomy and designed for easy clean up in mind. No matter what you’ve got planned for your next adventure, Cocoon’s Carry-On Liquids Bag is up to the task and ready to go!  > See it Here


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