​Quilt & Genealogy Talk: “Indian Jennie’s Legacy”

Who was Indian Jennie, what is her legacy, and why does everyone talk about her? Well, partly because she is one of the few local Indian women we know much about; and in Jennie’s case, we have several Britt photographs. Photos of Native American Indians are scarce, as within five years of Britt’s arrival in 1852, they were no longer in the valley.

Jennie George, or Lady Oscharwasha, was of the Rogue Tribe of the Tekelma Indians.  She crafted the dress she wore in Peter Britt’s iconic photo of her. It weighed close to 50 pounds, and it’s reported she was buried in that robe when she died in 1893. When she died, newspapers wrote that she was the “last of her tribe.” Was she? And, aside from Jenny’s photos, what is her legacy? Join us May 22nd, learn what is known about Jenny and view close-up the amazing quilt that is part of her legacy. 
Quilt and genealogy talks are FREE and open to the public. Tuesday, May 22, 1:30pm-2:30pm. Jackson County Genealogy Library, 3405 S. Pacific Hwy, Medford. For information call 541-512-2340, email, or stop by the library in person. For a complete list of events, visit

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