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Population: In 2011-2015, Ashland had a total estimated population of 20,556 – 9,221 (44.9 percent) males and 11,335 (55.1 percent) females. The median age was 44.1 years. 83.4 percent of the population was over 18 years of age and 20.3 percent were 65 years and older.
For people reporting one race alone, 91.2 percent were White; 1.9 percent were Black or African American; 0.2 percent were American Indian and Alaska Native; 2.2 percent were Asian; less than 0.5 percent were Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and 1.0 percent were some other race. 3.6 percent reported two or more races. 4.2 percent of the people in Ashland city were Hispanic or Latino (of any race).  88.0 percent of the people in Ashland were White non-Hispanic. People of Hispanic origin may be of any race.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau 2011-2015   American Community Survey 5-Year  Estimates
Data Set: Demographic and Housing  Estimates  


Ashland Housing Information 

U.S. Census Bureau 2011-2015 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates

Households and Families: In 2011-2015 there were an estimated 9,446 occupied households in Ashland.  The average estimated household size was 2.10 people.

Families made up 49.3 percent of the households in Ashland. This figure includes married-couple families (35.7 percent). Nonfamily households made up 50.7 percent of all households in Ashland. Most of the nonfamily households were people living alone (40.2 percent).

Housing Characteristics: In 2011-2015, Ashland had an estimated total of 10,372 housing units, 8.9 percent of which were vacant. Of the total housing units, 62.5 percent were in single-unit structures with 1-unit detached, 34.3 percent were in 1-unit attached and multi-unit structures, and 3.0 percent were mobile homes.  30.1 percent of the housing units were built since 1990. 

Occupied Housing Characteristics: In 2011-2015, Ashland had an estimated 9,446 occupied housing units – 5,131 (54.3 percent) owner occupied and 4,315 (45.7 percent) renter occupied.  2.4 percent of the households did not have telephone service and 8.4 percent of the households did not have access to a vehicle for private use.  42.8 percent had access to one vehicle, 33.9 percent had two vehicles available and 14.9 percent had three or more.

Housing Costs: In 2011-2015, the median monthly estimated housing costs for mortgaged owners was $1,684, non-mortgage owners $568 and renters $959.  61.9 percent of owner occupied units have owners with mortgages and 38.1 percent are owners without mortgages.  44 percent of owners and 61.2 percent of renters in Ashland spend 30 percent or more of their household income on rent (excluding units where SMOCAPI and GRAPI cannot be computed).

To Buy
Ashland has a wide variety of housing available including historic homes, modern developments and condominiums.  Please contact a local real estate office for current listings (see Membership Directory). 

To Rent
Residential home, apartments, condos and townhouse rentals run from $600 to $3500 per month. 

As of May 2017, commercial space in Ashland’s Downtown currently leases (new leases) for $1.75-$2.50 per square foot. The market has shifted in favor of Landlords as there are virtually no vacant spaces available downtown, this has resulted in most new leases requiring tenants to pay Triple Net or CAM (common area maintenance) charges on top of base rent.  When a space does come available, there are typically waiting lists.  As you progress south in Ashland to approximately Mountain Avenue, rents generally decrease to the $1.00 to $1.50 per square foot price range, and further south towards South I-5 interchange they are generally even lower. All commercial spaces must be viewed for location, condition, the proposed use, strength of tenant and length of term.  

Source: John L. Scott Realty of Ashland

These figures are only estimates. Please contact a local real estate office or property management company for more information.
Property Taxes 
Property taxes for Ashland residents are calculated by assessed value derived from Jackson County tax records.  The increase in maximum assessed value is regulated by previous state-wide ballot measures and cannot increase more than 3% per year, unless there are changes to the property such as additions, remodeling or other construction.  Additionally, a voter approved levy or bond measure can increase the tax rate.  Consequently, slight variations may occur in property taxes assessed depending upon election results.  Due to Oregon tax laws, a property’s assessed value and its percentage of market value can fluctuate greatly, even for neighboring properties. The following explains the elements that make up the Ashland tax bill based on a house that was assessed for $250,000, for tax year 2016-17.

Education Total: $6.3153 per $1,000 assessed value 
Ashland School District, Ashland School District Local Levy, Education Service District, Rogue Community College

General Government Total: $7.1682 per $1,000 assessed value 

City of Ashland, Jackson County, Jackson County Agricultural Extension, Jackson County Library District, Jackson County Soil and Water District, Jackson County Vector Control, Rogue Valley Transit District, Rogue Valley Transit District Levy

Bonds Total: $2.5014 per $1,000 assessed value

Ashland School District Bonds, City of Ashland Bonds, Jackson County Bonds, Rogue 
Community College Bonds

Total: $15.9849 per $1,000 assessed value

Example:  For a house with a value of $500,000 which is assessed at $250,000: multiply $250 by $15.9849 = $3,996.23 in taxes

Note: These rates are before any Measure 5 compression; therefore they may not apply to every property.

For more property tax information, please contact Jackson County’s 
Assessment office at (541) 774-6059.

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