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dancin wide
Heart and Hope Music founder and Executive Director and lead Music Therapist -30% of our work is Pro-Bono, Board of Directors- The Peace House, We have received grants to continue our work from: The Carpenter Foundation, The Oregon Community Foundation, The Cow Creek Umpqua Indian Foundation, The Safeway Foundation and the Tides Foundation support the healing musical program we do with Elders and Those with Special Needs.

Bob has been Santa, and Donny has sung Christmas Carols for the crew at Miller and Pinel Houses for several decades. Santa brings lots of gifts (Ashland Lions Club members are the other elves who purchase and wrap them for each of the folks who live there.) Ho, ho
Donny Roze is a gifted musician and songwriter with a big loving heart and a message of hope and joy to share. Through interacting and singing his original music along with familiar old melodies, he administers a special medicine that heals and inspires.

He believes that the most vulnerable of us deserve access to the therapeutic healing power of music. The elders, housed in group settings that Donny and his wife and associates visit, attest to the merits of the program. Through music, the lonely find friendship, the weak are made strong and the desperate are given hope. Your support can help Donny and his army of volunteers continue to bring hope to our elders, who are desperate for his healing tunes.

Friends, Volunteers, and Members of the Board
— David & Carolina Schultz
Heart and Hope music offers a well designed interactive program of music that is positive, uplifting, and inspiring.

We honor many musical traditions and have lots of fun sharing folk songs, jazz standards, old time favorites, humorous hits, patriotic songs, interfaith spirituals, and special holiday songs.

We encourage singing, dancing and movement, playing “instruments” and sharing the connections “sparked” by our program.

Therapeutic music is beneficial and recommended for many mental and physical disorders.
-Oliver Sachs
Mountain Meadows
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