Wow! I highly recommend Dr. Julie! I notice that spine trauma from old football concussions is releasing. I appreciate Dr. Julie's gentle touch and deep support. I enjoy greater somatic awareness (physical, psychological and spiritual) that has allowed me to navigate work challenges with greater ease and to experience greater clarity. Thank you! - Ashland, OR

I met Dr. Julie in the midst of a major healing crisis. Dr. Julie found the cause of my pain in a matter of minutes, something a 4 day stay in the local hospital wasn't able to diagnose nor treat. After my first session with Dr. Julie, I was pain -free. Within three hours of my entrainment, my sternum was able to move back into place by itself. The work Dr. Julie does, Reorganizational Healing, is the most transformative healing modality I have ever come across. I believe it is the future for anyone who recognizes that the trauma we carry in our bodies must be released before any long-term permanent change can occur. I am learning a new way of breathing, and accessing my life force in a more conscious way. It has saved me in these past six weeks, after the shock and trauma of an injury to my chest and ribs, allowing me to control and actually release the pain caused by the injury. Dr. Julie is the epitome of compassion, and she walks her talk. She is a true healer, and I am so deeply grateful to have found her. - Grants Pass, OR

Julie is an amazing practitioner! Highly, highly recommend her services. This isn't your typical chi-ropractic experience. Extremely gentle physically but you should feel a profound difference (in a good way!) by the time you leave the table. If you are feeling drawn to this, but are on the fence.. do yourself a favor and book an appointment with Julie! You won't regret it. - Medford, OR

Rise is Ashland's first non-profit chiropractic office. We are committed to delivering cutting edge Network Chiropractic care to everyone who is ready for healing and transformation in their bodies and lives regardless of their ability to pay for their care.

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