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  "Pam, your passionate and skilled eye has brought much integration to me in this new place. I am very peaceful this morning..." -AK

"Thank you for your wonderful skills...Pam!!! You really helped me clarify my desire and make the connection that I've been so busy doing everything BUT the thing(s) that would help me get what I want!"- MT

Overwhelmed by stuff? Drowning in papers, photos or grandma’s china? Simplifize™ life is about getting, and staying, clutter free, without the overwhelm. As a professional organizer and clutter-free living coach I help you tame ALL kinds of clutter so you have more space, less stuff, and more time for the things that matter most. Whether the whole house, a bazillion photos you have on 6 different devices, or anything in between, I organize and simplify your stuff so you know what you have, where to find it when you need it and how to manage it over the long haul. • Get useful help and mindful support for rightsizing that fits how you live and where you are in life, whether staying in your current home or moving to a new one. • Set up your current or new home for safe and easy access to what you need when you need it so you don’t waste time and energy searching for it or spend money to replace it. • Finally get all your photos organized and in one place or empty that overflowing email inbox. Getting organized isn’t just a project. It’s a lifestyle. And I can help you find and create what works for you, so you can manage the mess and get rid of the stress. So, remember, “don’t just organize…simplifize™!” and set up a consult today.

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