Chemical dependency is a complex, chronic illness. It pervades every aspect of an addict’s biology, psychology and behavior. At each level of existence, it transmutes function into dysfunction. 

The ultimate cost of chemical dependency is incalculable. Scattered along the trail of destruction are individual lives, relationships, property, economies, promises, hopes and dreams. 

Chemical dependency is treatable, but treatment must work on as many levels as the disease:  individual, family, community, biochemical, psychological, behavioral, legal and economic among others. OnTrack’s strategy is to confront substance abusers in each of these realms, with the ultimate goal of restoring function where nothing remains but wreckage.

OnTrack provides treatment and related services regardless of an individual’s ethnicity, religion, nationality, age, sexual preference, gender or ability to pay.  OnTrack programs are comparable in quality to any available in Oregon.  By actively soliciting public funding and foundation grants, the organization ensures that these programs remain accessible to low income and indigent clients.

Although the path to recovery is long and arduous, the rewards of successful journeys are priceless: restored lives, re-created families, renewed hope for abandoned children. 

The ultimate mission of OnTrack is to offer a helping hand to those who choose this path. 
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