The Ashland Culture of Peace Commission (ACPC) provides:  A community-wide movement dedicated to transforming our attitudes, behaviors, and institutions into ones that foster harmonious relationships with each other and the natural world.

  • Brings heart and compassion to conversations, decision-making, and systems
  • Recognizes the inherent value of each person, the diversity within community 
  • Invites everyone’s participation, relying on the natural gifts of each community member
  • Encourages mutual respect so that all residents and visitors feel safe, heard, and empowered
  • Establishes trust through holding all persons responsible for their actions
  • Employs compassionate listening to air feelings, viewpoints, and concerns
  • Discovers solutions through collaborative exploration 
  • Emphasizes the universal values of kindness and generosity, love and beauty, caring and curiosity
  • Seeks larger truths and broader perspectives to better comprehend local and world affairs
  • Values and nurtures all of life, honoring the environment and promoting humanity’s balanced place in the web of existence 
  • Builds upon the foundation of existing groups and businesses contributing to the  wellness of the world
  • Creates an emerging, evolving, living model for thriving together as fellow humans

ACPC is a citizen-based commission with Commissioners representing many aspects of Ashland’s culture: business, education, the arts, science, environment, religion/spirituality, law and habitat. Commissioners include: Chief Tighe O’Meara; Bert Etling, Editor Daily Tidings; and Amy Blossom, manager of the Ashland Public Library. Learn more at 33 FIRST STREET, SUITE 1, ASHLAND, 541-552-1061, David Wick, Executive Director
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