Silver Medal, 2nd place out of 2,000 entries for Children's Television production/HOST at New York Film and Television Festival; Miss Hospitality of Kansas, 1969; Parent Appreciation Awards for Elementary Grades K-3 for SELF-HELP Student Program; Incubator Award in Education (awarded by State of Oregon) for Kindergarten Self-Help Program; Invited and appointed to Editorial Board of Special Projects sponsored by Rosalynn Carter Institute; Awarded invitation to represent rural areas at Surgeon General's Children's Mental Health Conference; First and Second place awards for costumes in July Fourth parades in Ashland, 2nd and 3rd place awards for Monster Marathon costume contest, Ashland, Watermelon Seed Spitting Champion.  
Congressman Wu: “Janai, you are doing a great job with your pioneering work. It is so important for the health of families, classrooms and our communities.”

United Nations Representative, Vangie White: “Janai's approach and program for children should be available for every child in every nation for a better world.”

55 yr. old female client, nurse/grandmother: “What I have learned from Janai's self-help coaching, workshops and classes has uplifted me to a whole new level of living, appreciation of life, myself and seeing others in a new way. I can't thank her enough.”
Bruce Kelsh, International School Principal, Lima, Peru: “All records were broken for attendance with parents and teachers when Janai trained staff, parents, teachers and students for one week. Her passion and approach are irresistible, they work and are easily integrated into any system. In addition, she approaches facilitation with such upliftment and a flare for fun that learning is irresistible.”

6 yr. old client: “I love Janai stuff she teaches me. It helps. I remembered to take a deep breath to help myself after our apartment burned down before I went to look at it. Everything was burned.”

Cassie Ruud, Jr. College student: “What I learned from Janai in kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grades gave me an opportunity to create a different life for myself. I was headed for trouble. I am now happy, healthy and successful in my endeavors and not blaming others.”

School Officer: “I have never seen children be so respectful of one another, apologize and forgive on the playground. Janai's Self-Help program is amazing!”  
Known for her ability to captivate audiences of all ages in her innovative edutainment (combining education and entertainment) approach, Janai 'Grandma Boom' Mestrovich is a passionate visionary. She sees that prioritizing children is an essential basic necessity to shift the world into a more positive and healthy direction. 

For 41 years Ms. Mestrovich, 68, has taught children as young as three years old how to understand their own inner world with her signature 3D approach, using objects in the environment with metaphors and holistic experiences to connect to their resources inside themselves. She taught at the University of Oregon, as well as Southern Oregon University, creating a twofold approach that introduced adults how to teach children self-help skills which provided the adults personal experiences for their own lives as well as understanding how to relay the skills to manage stress and develop emotional intelligence to young children. She has limited scheduling for individual child and family clients, primarily focusing on speaking/training and creating online materials to reach more children and their caretakers. Her approach involves the concept that 'it takes a village' while also acknowledging the resilient ability for all children, including ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) individuals to learn how to tap their own internal resources of mind/body/emotions/breathing/willpower to enhance quality of life. She has applied her approach in a wide range of settings to improve the emotional/social aspects of child development. Her focus is that all children deserve to feel like SUPERKIDS. Empowering Superkids with self-help skills is the core of her life work.

Ms. Mestrovich is Executive Director of the non-profit, tax exempt 501(c)3 Conscious Living Foundation, recently receiving grants to film her work for children and continue instructing all aspects of the socioeconomic stratalow economic sectors of the population in the preschool and kindergarten years. The Facebook page has regular updates on Janai's activities through the CLF with children.

Publications: Janai has seven books available on Amazon, six for caring adults to use with young children, as well as her self-help memoir endorsed by Doris Day entitled The Grandma Boom Chronicles: More Alive at 65. (Explore many resources for child development as well as Awesome Aging at She is a blogger on AWESOME AGING for the Ashland Tidings and Medford Mail Tribune online. Go to their websites, click on SECTIONS in the upper left hand corner, scroll down to BLOGS and find AWESOME AGING. New Consciousness Review, Sixty and Me, Oregon Seniors, educational journals and a variety of other publications have published Janai's work over the past few decades. 

Ms. Mestrovich created several PSA's for KSKQ Radio and received sponsorship for televised PSA's on Ashland Cable TV. She has been a guest on radio and television nationally and internationally, in addition to being an invigorating, entertaining speaker.

In 2015 Janai  was a guest on the NBC Bravo Reality Show, “Friends to Lovers” with her regularly starring son, Darion Lowenstein. In 2016 she and her son were chosen to be on stage in costume with Wayne Brady on  'LET'S MAKE A DEAL' on NBC. 

Awards: Miss Hospitality of Kansas, 1969; Parent Appreciation Award (several times); Incubator Award with $2,000 acknowledgment reward from the State of Oregon for her work with children; 2nd place Silver Medal for television series for children on NBC at the New York International Film and Television Festival out of 2000 entries worldwide. 

Janai 'Grandma Boom' Mestrovich is an outrageously fun grandmother! And she serves as the Ashland Freedom Fairy in the July 4th parade as well as the Christmas Fairy in the Festival of Lights parade. You can find her waving her wings over the children sitting on the curbs, creating joy, magic and wonder for their wide eyed enthusiasm. 

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