Mountain Man & City Girl Productions

Contact: Joi Shannon
Phone: 541-951-0111
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MOUNTAIN MAN & CITY GIRL PRODUCTIONS offers a stunning collection of 8K, 5K, 4K and HD STOCK VIDEO FOOTAGE (over 500 hours) of nature, wildlife, cities, lifestyle, volcanoes, agriculture, time-lapse, and much more.

National Geographic is now representing for distribution over 20,000+ 4K clips
from Wilderness Video/Mountain Man & City Girl Productions.

We are currently filming exclusively on the 8K RED WEAPON CAMERA which is HDR ready.

Cinematic Equipment Rentals

Weapon 8K Cinematic Camera Rental

1. Complete Package) -1500.00 per day
-Includes Camera body, 16-28mm Wide Angle zoom lens, 50-135mm MedTelephoto zoom lens, on-camera high quality stereo mic, memory card,
batteries, tripod.

2. Camera Body only - 1000.00 per day

3. Accessory package - Memory card, batteries, tripod - 200.00 per day

4. 2 Lens, 16-28mm Wide Angle zoom lens, 50-135mm Med Telephoto zoom lens - 300.00 per day

b. Professional Lighting Rental Available

c. Cinematographer Services - Independent production, 2000.00 per day

d. Complete Camera Package + Cinematographers - 3500.00 per day

e. Proof of Insurance required

f. Drone - 4K DJI Phantom 4 Pro Photography Services (FAA Registered)
- 500.00 per hour - includes RAW files

5. Post Production Services - Fee estimated per individual job

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Telephones: 541.951-0111  541-621-4370

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