InfinitMagic Design is the brainchild of local Ashland artist, Holly Lorien
Adams. The InfinitMagic Design brand transforms art originally created in
vibrant acrylic paintings on canvas into design images that are applied to
exclusive, limited runs of natural, organic fabric.
Why buy? The Shakespeare Collection 2013 is comprised of twenty-one colorful
designs, available in ten natural fabrics. Made in America, it is available
to designers and the style-conscious public.  I M Hood Cowls, I M Wraps, and
I M Dresses are among first the made-to-order, limited-edition finished
products, assembled by Ashland artisans and designed to show off the fabric
collection in the local market.
Want to create your own masterpiece? Commissions for your own fine art and
exclusive fabric conversion are always invited.
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