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The Entrepreneurial Ear (Gary Einhorn)

The Entrepreneurial Ear (Gary Einhorn)

Contact: Gary Einhorn
Phone Phone: (541) 292-6177
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Gary Einhorn is an incredible person and business coach.  I was lucky enough to win a complimentary coaching session with Gary in March from an event we both attended. At the time I had never met Gary, but the buzz around town was that he is professional and knowledgeable.  From that very first coaching session Gary has been essential to the growth of my business.  The advice and direction he has given to me has been immensely valuable.  Gary has taught me the importance of presence and exposure in my business. He prompted several changes in my routine and business that have caused my exposure and presence to sky rocket. Since March when I met and started coaching with Gary my business has absolutely grown but I think more importantly, I have grown personally too.  Gary encouraged me to join Toastmasters and has helped me to land several speaking functions. He has supported me through all my speeches and this has truly been affective in growing my confidence.   

Gary is one of a kind. He is compassionate, generous, thoughtful and an expert at what he does.  He has a lifetime of wisdom that he does not hesitate to share with his clients.  I have been observing his methods, techniques and kindhearted attitude and it is no wonder he is so successful.  I wholeheartedly recommend Gary Einhorn as a business coach. Gary will not let you down, he will in fact lift you up.  

Lauren Trantham, The Woman’s Photographer

I wholeheartedly recommend Gary Einhorn as a business coach. He is professional, personable, and has business savy. He puts the entrepreneur at ease, while giving one the support needed to proceed with confidence. Thank you Gary for a job well done! 

Sequoia T Batteiger

Great! Thanks so much Gary! I have a feeling that a lot of entrepreneurs in the Rogue Valley have you to thank for supporting their success. I hope you recognize the incredible service you bring to our community.

Warm regards,

I own and manage two successful  business’s in Southern Oregon.  My success is due in part to my business coach, Gary Einhorn. Gary’s gifted analysis of my business has given me the assurance to stay the course and the confidence to manage my time efficiently. Gary is a fantastic listener and quickly reasons the issues that I find difficult to manage on my own. Gary assists me in every aspect of business management and goal setting and his professional optimism keeps our meetings productive and fun.  I am entirely grateful to Gary for assisting me to allow my business to thrive. 

Murray Huggins 
The Cycle Hostel
Colin Kyo Bagpipes

I have known and  worked with Gary for over two years as both personal business coach and in group business coaching/master mind group with Gary being one of two facilitators. I have found Gary unique approach,  combining  decades of practical nuts and bolts experience as a successful  entrepreneur, with an intuitive awareness of the next right move and a large network of business contacts to incredibly helpful in growing my business. I would not hesitate recommending Gary to my friends and business associates

Scott Ploss
Owner Electrical Excellence
Ashland, Oregon

Gary at Business Consulting Services, has helped my business tremendously. He thinks outside of the box.  He has started me toward thinking outside of the box.  I am planning short term, mid term, and long term. He sees, or knows problems before they exist.  I guess, that is from many years, of developing prosperous endeavors, of his own.   He is just what I needed for All Flow Plumbing.  If you think that you need a business coach,  Gary can help you, and your business.  If you do not think that you need a coach, you absolutely need to give him a try. 

All Flow Plumbing

I attribute my success in building my business as a  yoga teacher and yoga therapist to Gary 's coaching and business acumen.  Five years ago, I did not believe I could make a viable living being self employed as a yoga teacher.  With Gary's guidance and intuition, my business today, is growing and thriving throughout the Rogue Valley.  I know and appreciate Gary as a person of integrity and honesty.  He is my "go to" person in business and  I can always trust in his sound advice and support.  I would highly recommend that business owners, entrepreneurs, and those in career transition consider using Gary's business counseling services.  He is the Rogue Valley's best kept secret.

Sandy Dennis,
Yoga Therapist & Teacher
Inner Wisdom Yoga

Serial entrepreneur, hands-on business coach and effective communicator, Gary Einhorn is the real deal!

Emile Amarotico
General Manager

Gary has been reliable and consistent in problem solving that has helped develop my business keep in balance with values in my work life and personal life. He has tuned into what is important in the moment and holds it within the broader scope of set goals and assists in ways to weave them together.  Gary is much more than a business consultant, he has a gift of reading between the lines and offers professional personal guidance.  I have been inspired by his ideas of how business can run effectively with local resource and collaboration.  I highly recommend Gary to help you craft a unique business that works for you.

Carlos Delgado
Carlos Delgado Architect LLC

Gary has been invaluable during the time of my business transformations.  His insight and intuitive guidance has cleared a path through a vast array of possibilities.  Gary is always presenting a positive side to the bumps in the road.  I feel honored to have him as a co-pilot from time to time.

Julie O'Dwyer

I’ve known Gary for many years, and am happy to endorse him.  Over the years he has owned several profitable businesses, and has also been a Business Coach with the Small Business Development Center, where he helped business owners become successful.  Gary and I were in a business-oriented master-mind group together, and I was always impressed with his knowledge and ability to see below the surface and hone in on what was really going on.  He brings much integrity and wisdom to whatever he does, and has a wealth of experience to share.

Sandra Abell, MS, LPC, ACC
Inside Jobs Coaching Company

I will forever be grateful to the colleague who insisted I work with Gary with "Call him right now!" That was one of the best business decisions I've ever made...  Gary has been a consistent cheerleader, parent & best friend of both of our businesses.  Through several transitions, Gary's gentle guidance helped my husband & myself to live authentically in our businesses and find what makes us passionate about each of our businesses.  His counselling has resulted in more productive business practices and set us up for potential growth.  Almost all of my  'A-HA' moments for my businesses have happen during counselling sessions with Gary.  We would refer Gary's services to anyone who wants to get the most out of their life & work.

Emily A.P. Cox - BC Spa Lady with BeautiControl
Jim Cox - -Jim Cox Repair, Inc.  - Heavy Equipment Repair & Welding

I have been watching Gary in action for over three years as his co-facilitator in Thrive's Business Peer Discussion Group.  Gary is an inspiration in the role of business advisor and teacher – I concluded long ago that he is among the very best.  He listens with such care in order to fully understand each client's situation and then brings forth ideas and suggestions that unerringly hit the mark.  His knowledge of local business resources is unsurpassed and he is willing to go the extra mile and facilitate the connection for a client.  Above all, a business owner could not ask for someone who is more committed to helping them succeed than Gary. 

Mona Kool-Harrington, Business Counselor


Gary was elected by the Ashland Food Coop Board to be Vice President for the term 2014-2015. Gary is Chair of the AFC Grants Committee. He also serves as a Board member of the Southern Oregon Time Coop. He is the Business Coach for ​KSKQ 89.5 FM Community Radio in Ashland. He also has a monthly radio show entitled "Your Entrepreneurial Ear" which airs live on the second Wednesday of every month from 3-3:30 PM. He is an active member of University Toastmasters and served three, six month terms ​as President.
(541) 292-6177