Christopher Briscoe has that rarest gift of all ... the ability to capture our spirit and soul throught the lens of his camera. With a true artist's eye, Christopher produces images that make you giggle with delight at a child's antics, ponder the lines etched in the eldery face, or marvel at the emotions revealed through a single photograph. Based in Ashland, Christopher paints the world through the palette of photography. Since establishing his studio in 1985, Christopher's work has been featured from Los Angeles to New York, from London to Tokyo. His photographs are featured in major publications across America, including USA Today, Travel & Leisure, Money Magazine, Woman's Day, Los Angeles Times, and Time Magazine. People are the focus of Christopher's photographic passion. A few of the famous faces he has immortalized include former President Regan,Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, B.B. King, General Colin Powell, comedian Dennis Miller, Bo Derek, writer Marianne Williamson, Rob Lowe, and Ray Charles. Equally important are the exquisite faces of people from all walks of life that are included in Christopher's truly inspiring portfolio.
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