Business Success Solution (Loren Fogelman)

Loren Fogelman is founder of Business Success Solution, author and an international speaker who helps high achieving business owners double their income while cutting their work hours in half. Her proven system combines sports and business strategies so her clients gain a competitive advantage. Receive your FREE book, “Grow Your Ideal Business”at

Catalyst4Change Training and Coaching

Ron Bauer is a marriage and family therapist, coach, Master Practitioner and trainer in the field of Neuro-linguist Programming and Success Factor Modeling. He was the director of counseling for a graduate university in Northern California for 5 years and developed a very successful coaching program (Peak Performance Coaching) to meet the complex and immediate needs of students and their respective programs often utilizing Neuro-linguist Programming, Wellness and Emotional Intelligence.


EMyth is the global leader in transformational business coaching. They founded the business coaching industry 40 years ago and help small and midsize businesses grow through a comprehensive business coaching curriculum and one-on-one guidance from a certified coach to hold you accountable.

Kathy Kali Financial & Business Coaching

Kathy Kali Financial & Business Coaching supports regular working people in generating more income and managing it for wealth-building. Our average client pays off debt/creates savings of $5,666 in 90 days. In addition Kathy Kali, a Certified Financial Coach, helps small business owners grow and expand their businesses debt-free. Learn more about how Kathy herself paid off $20,000 in debt and saved an extra $20,000 in 2 years at

Rydman Business Coaching

At EMyth, I’ve been trained by the best. With their proven curriculum and my own extensive business background, I help leaders create the business they could always see, but never quite get to.


Enlivening, fun, unforgettable, experiential presentations from keynote speaking to individual guidance, university classrooms, business organizations, workshops, conferences. Topics include: Empowering Children; Holistic Human Potential topics; Self-Healing Tools; Inner World Resources and Creative Stress Management; Enlivening the Playful Inner Child; Human Potential and the Preschool Child; Pain Management.

The Entrepreneurial Ear (Gary Einhorn)

The Entrepreneurial Ear provides individual and group Business Consulting/Coaching services.Our primary focus is small to mediumsize entrepreneurs.

Alchemy Restaurant and Bar
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